Building A Defender: Make a Statement with Paint

So much goes into a custom modified Land Rover Defender; built from the bones up and outfitted to the peak of luxury, it can be difficult for clients of East Coast Defender to keep track of all the decisions and choices to be made. We’re always here to help guide you along the way, and our elite team handles technical specifications to the smallest degree. But one decision every new car owner wants to make (especially when dealing with a custom built vehicle) is the most obvious: color. Defenders come in a wide range of colors and often are built with a purpose that requires a certain color. Military Defenders, for instance, often have a specification, as do Land Rovers transporting crown and state. The color you choose for your Land Rover Defender, however, is entirely up to your preference.

At East Coast Defender, we have an on-site, state-of-the-art facility designed to help you best choose a color and implement it. Doing the paint work ourselves at the ECD Florida headquarters allows a level of detail and variation that couldn’t be easily done with outsourced painting. Unlike other painters, we do not sacrifice quality for time savings. Our color schemes are an art-form: one we have fine-tuned and cultivated over the years. Our artists paint Defenders with our unique, five -stage application and clear coat within the perfected environment of our facility to create a unique masterpiece each time.



Project Urban Assault, full brawn and muscle, just wouldn’t have looked the same without that Imola grey with an eggshell finish, nor would Paint-4Project Pedigree have looked quite as dignified without a unique bronze green. Legendary gold medalist, Alex Morgan, went with the vibrant Keswick green for her still under-production build, and it glows wonderfully on the docks of our warehouse nightly.

So, how will you choose? A good starting point to think about is whether you prefer the metallic or non-metallic variations of Land Rover Defenders. It’s also key to think beyond simple singular colors, particularly with Defenders: a color like blue is not merely a blanket type, but a very specific pigment often linked to a renowned Defender color of a past vintage, such as the cobar blue used specifically in Defenders produced from 1998-2000.

Land Rover Defenders created by East Coast Defender standout on their own, but the effect can be amplified or dialed back greatly depending on something as simple as a paint color. Our years of technical experience can assist in finding the right fit for you. These are amazing machines built for legacy, and every detail is a matter of scrutiny. We’ll find the paint color for you. For more information, contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at to discover what we can create for you.


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