Take Your Truck for a Swim with a Snorkel

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

One of the more interesting modifications to any Land Rover Defender is the air intake valves crawling out of the hood and up to the roof. Actually, what makes them interesting is what they are commonly called: snorkels. Air intake snorkels give trucks like Defenders the incredible ability to withstand water depths that would generally shut down most any other vehicle; this is because the water overwhelms the air intake mechanisms and shuts down or destroys the engine. It isn’t just an extreme event like the above engine water that can take down your general air-intake system; off-road trucks can find trouble in heavy mud, kicked up dust from convoys, and an assortment of other situations.

To avoid all of these possibilities and to look pretty cool while doing it, air intake snorkels are the right choice. By positioning the air-intake high above the engine, usually to the same height as the roofline of the vehicle, you can keep clean, cool air flowing into the car’s vital systems at all times. The exhaust line is routed through the hood, in most cases, and concludes with a port of either a mushroom or forward facing intake. In the end, the intake usually sits about seven feet off the ground, depending on vehicle height.

So you’re sold, and you want a snorkel, but what are some things to consider when choosing one? Trusting experts in the field is always a good start: East Coast Defender commonly uses the battle-tested Mantac variety. Running snorkels along the interior edges of your truck, we can plant the snorkel at a variety of angles and in a range of colors. It’s important to know engine type when choosing an intake valve as well, and although well-insulated, snorkels do not make engines invincible; they will still succumb to being underwater after a variable period of time. However, front-facing intakes also improve fuel consumption and force cleaner air into your engine via the focused duct.

An expert in Land Rover Defender engines, East Coast Defender can find the right fit for you. Not only that, but we can integrate it with your truck’s electronic system, making automatic or manual access to the device easy. Mountains, jungles, deserts, or flooded roadways; all can be overcame with tough engines and an air-intake snorkel. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com for more information on the type of modifications we can outfit from our outstanding Defender builds.