East Coast Defender Introduces 13 New Owners

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At ECD, we build unique, boutique Land Rover Defenders for people that have dreams of driving something truly exclusive, luxurious, and bespoke. In order to achieve this standard of custom builds, coming to work can never be just a day’s employment. We work in an environment at ECD that pushes for excellence and innovation at all times. That is our product and business plan. For team members to achieve this, we have to push our employees every day; we remove them from their comfort zone and demand they add value, quality, and innovation every day. That is not a regular demand of an employer. ECD is not a regular employer due to expectations we set. As a result, we should not treat team members like employees. They should be treated as owners and rewarded as such. East Coast Defender’s future direction needs to be a collective decision by everyone involved in any aspect of our custom trucks; it is only fair to reward those people with equity in our business.


Title: QC Manager

Sergei began as a contract technician at ECD and quickly proved that he would never settle for anything less than great quality. With his habit of consistently checking on each vehicle at every stage, Sergei earned the title of Quality Control Manager. Now, armed with red and yellow marking tape, Sergei moves from bay to bay checking for consistency, quality, and anything else that does not meet his standards.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“We have a difficult mission: To give positive emotions to people who can afford everything or nearly to that. But most of all, I appreciate the opportunity of personal growth. Also, our team and atmosphere are great.”



Title: Tear Down Technician

David is known for working hard and at an unstoppable pace. When challenged with a difficult vehicle tear-down that would normally be expected to be finished in days, David is a part of a bay that will instead take hours. His dedication and work ethic are a truly invaluable asset to the ECD team.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“I take the most pride in the department I work in: tear down and fab up. I am proud to be a part of the process of building such amazing trucks.”



Title: Head of Upholstery

Hector’s arrival at ECD marked a key turning point in the process ECD developed when building a custom Defender. Hector heading upholstery was one of the major stepping stones ECD took to ensure that every aspect was scrutinized and performed with quality, luxury, and custom in mind. Also known as the King of Dance, Hector completely transforms the interior of every single vehicle exactly to the client’s specification, from custom colored stitching to custom built and trimmed storage boxes. Hector is one of the reasons jaws drop when the doors to ECD’s custom Defenders open.

What does being an owner mean to you?

“ECD gave me this opportunity; it makes me committed to continue working to help the success of ECD.”



Title: Lead Tech, Drivetrain

Charlie is an ECD 2016 MVP, and it didn’t surprise anyone due to his commitment, work ethic, and drive. Charlie consistently works with our Head of Engineering to ensure every aspect of each build’s drive train is fine tuned to fit the vehicles other components, the client’s desires, and the lifestyle each truck plans to take on individually. Charlie not only installs each drive train; he studies every possibility on how quality of the drive in ECD’s custom Defenders can be improved.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“I am proud of the finished product, and I am proudest of the moments in which people praise our work.”



Title: Lead Tech, Tear Down

Nicholas has won an ECD MVP and an Employee Spotlight Award. From the moment he took charge of the Tear Dow bay, Nick has impressed everyone. In a department that should be filled with the debris and chaos of tearing down an all original vehicle, Nick’s bay has consistently been one of the most organized and clean areas in the Rover Dome. Nick heads an extremely productive department while also taking the initiative to research conventions and events that lend to the ECD staff gaining insight on how to improve builds and expand technician knowledge.

What does being an owner of ECD mean to you?

“Responsibility, commitment, stress, long hours, but most of all, the ability to take the bull by the horns and push our business and our product as far as it can go and secure my family’s future at the same time.”



Title: Lead Tech, Electrical

Steven was the first employee hired for the Electrical Department, and he tends to take challenges in stride. When tasked with doing the difficult Puma dashboard in a NAS build install, Steven took the challenge and put in work. He completed the task with success and a need to take other aspects of every build to the next level, from premium and unbelievable sound systems to custom center consoles and control set-ups. Steven has been an invaluable asset to our build’s innovations.

What does being an owner of ECD mean to you?

“It means my family just grew exponentially.”



Title: Production Manager

In the time that Sam has been with ECD, he has increased production and efficiency on a level that exceeds expectations. He is driven and follows a strict schedule that he does NOT accept excuses for. He has a passion for improving quality and works to understand the ins and outs of every aspect of the build in order to analyze room for improvements, and he will always find room. Sam relies on his fellow staff and continues to push them forward in ECD’s drive for perfection.

What does being an owner of ECD mean to you?

“‘Dave has left the building.’ I own it, in every sense of the word.”



Title: Parts Manager

Other than founder, Elliot, Brandon was ECD’s first employee. His growth and loyalty have developed a stamina in the business that is unmatched. Brandon seeks out ways for improvement in ECD’s parts department and always takes accountability when challenged. After seeing ECD at every stage of its life, Brandon provides insight on any untapped potential he sees for the business, and he is always determined to work harder.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“I take the most pride in being part of a team that creates awesome trucks for our customer. I also take the most pride knowing what this company has become; some people get tied up with the fancy engines and stuff we install. But, three years ago, it was Tom, Elliot, and myself in a three-bay garage unit building these trucks.”



Title: Electrical Technician

Miles is recognized for his tremendous growth and commitment within the Electrical Department of the Rover Dome. He has taken on the challenges of building custom Defenders with the approach of the silent killer. Miles has an ability to focus in on his work, and his ability to quickly adapt learned skills has more than impressed everyone on the ECD team.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“I take pride in the quality and innovation that goes into every single build. With every truck we produce, the amount of new features and designs increases and so does the level of craftsmanship. Our determination to build better trucks means no two trucks are the same and each one is better than the one before it.”



Title: Cosmetics Technician

Kelvin is known for his leadership skills along with his ability to provide great organization within the Cosmetics Department. Kelvin ensures that he installs the cosmetics aspects of each vehicle that allows the vehicles to begin to look whole. He takes the time to ensure every hand-selected accessory is installed onto each truck, working with the Cosmetics Department to offer insight on quality improvements ECD can offer to clients.

What does being an owner of ECD mean to you?

“Being an owner means more work, something that I am already doing. I am taking care of details, working hard with less mistakes, looking at others’ hard work, and pushing them to do the same. I do not want more on the QC lists, so I am trying to do everything in the right way from the beginning. Mistakes mean money; two weeks ago, I bought a tool to do my work, for Alex Morgan’s truck, in less time and with more accuracy.”



Title: Head of Engineering

The decision to hire someone in engineering came after ECD decided to push the boundaries of powertrain options we offered on the Defender. Ryan has helped to not only introduce a new range of engine and transmission combinations, but also ways to improve the overall drive of each build. From a decrease in vibrations to researching a multitude of upgraded modern options, Ryan is constantly searching for ways to innovate every build.

What does being an owner of ECD mean to you?

“Being an owner of ECD means being invested in a rapidly growing company. A company that’s the leading supplier of the best bespoke Defenders in the world.”



Title: Workshop Manager

ECD imported Glenn from the U.K. last year as a way to invest 25 years’ worth of Land Rover knowledge into the business. Glenn started working for Land Rover at 16 as an apprentice, and he has proven to be a great leader within the Rover Dome. From teaching the technicians the best of his Land Rover knowledge to developing manuals and guides for both the technicians and clients, Glenn helps to keep the workshop team motivated. Glenn’s leadership skills and his ability to know what the Rover Dome needs is a necessary asset to the ECD team.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

  1. “Training and improving technicians’ skills and processes.
  2. Improving and striving to make the perfect Defender.
  3. Being a part and playing a part!
  4. Seeing the results.
  5. Actually enjoying my job for a change, no matter how hard/shit some days are.”



Title: Fabrication Technician

Jordan was ECD’s second employee next to Brandon. He is a veteran who has gained skills in several trades within the automotive industry, but his ability to weld has made him the Rover Dome’s King of Welding. Jordan is dedicated and is consistently looking for new ways to improve upon his invaluable welding skill, from investing in specialty tools to studying various techniques in his personal time. Jordan has sat down with several members of the ECD team to determine what tools, processes, and accessories bring out the best features of every single East Coast Defender build.

What part of ECD do you take the most pride in?

“The part of ECD I take the most pride in is the knowledge I have gained and continue to acquire, the ability to share that knowledge with my fellow employees, and also knowing I have helped grow the business over the years since I started at ECD.”


As of January 24, 2017, East Coast Defender, leaders in custom-built Land Rover Defenders, introduced 13 new owners, all of which are already part of the ECD family. Two things clearly define East Coast Defender: our product and our people. Our new owners are team members that continue to be creative risk takers. They are main drivers of quality, which is a cornerstone of our business. For their hard work, dedication, and vision, we believe they deserve to be rewarded.

Of the East Coast Defender team, 60% now own equity. By 2018, we hope to expand ownership to all team members. To become an owner, team members had to successfully complete their probationary period, apply for ownership, and be approved in the ownership selection process. We are proud to have our owners represent the values and quality of East Coast Defender.

Tom, Elliot, and Scott – ECD Founders