The Land Rover Defender’s Engine

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

Over the decades of production, Land Rover Defenders have been fitted with a wide assortment of engine types. From 2.5-liter, diesel engines in the 1980s to 4.0-liter, V8 engines in 1998 and the TD5 engine, it’s a record of both evolution and specification. At East Coast Defender, our models are fully re-built from the ground-up. This means that not only will we be outfitting your Defender with radical accessories and interior fabrics, but we’ll be dropping a fully re-built engine into every build. We’ve fine tuned our ability in this arena to where the engine is a personal choice guided as much by the client as the needs of the truck; in short, we build in engines that fit how you are looking to drive a fully modified Defender, and we do so in a revolutionary way.

Our builds have taken on quite a range of possibilities in terms of engine types over the years: running the gamut from Project B73 which had a 3.9-liter, V8 with a re-engineered manual transmission, to Project Legacy featuring a compact 2.5-liter turbo diesel. Lately, our most frequent engine types are the Land Rover V8, 2.5 Turbo Diesel, and most commonly, the powerful Chevrolet LS3s and LC9s. The Chevy engine has the additional bonus of being covered by two-year warranty from GM. ECD also offers its own warranty programs that range depending on consumer preference.

A top-notch, on-site, 200-point inspection process, not to mention the 500-mile test drive that follows it up, go a long way towards ensuring we are placing the best engine in our custom-modified Defenders. ECD’s ferocious commitment to quality control is well-known and reflected in the sophistication of the driving machines we place under the hood of each truck.

It is tricky to say which engine will best power a fully-modified Land Rover Defender before the design concept is even on the table. All have strengths:

  • The Land Rover 2.5 Turbo Diesel is iconic for its reliability over the decades
  • The V8 is intensely powerful (often a good fit for those looking to take their Defenders off-road with more frequency than casual luxury drivers)
  • The Chevy LS3, originally designed for Corvettes, is ultra-modern, high-performance blasted into 430-horse power.

Beyond the bold, basic structures, we can add modifications to both performance and usage. Electronic automatic transmission is just one example.

Engine choice for a Land Rover Defender, like everything in our custom builds, is a process with which we look for your input and add our expert guidance every step of the way. Our Defenders are built to last and built to be bold. For more information on our engine specifications, and to perhaps test drive a fully modified Defender of your own, contact us today 407-483-4825, or e-mail us at

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