Land Rover Defender Heritage: 2012 – Present

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Land Rover Defenders have an iconic history. They began in the farmlands of pastoral England and grew to into the big screen and militaries around the world. Then, Defenders entered people’s garages all the while growing in reputation as an iconic luxury truck. The evolution was steadfast but also set to its times. Initially, the Defender was built in a pragmatic way when applicable; The vehicle was built with aluminum when that was all that was available during World War II and generally sold only within the United Kingdom in its earliest decades. But as enthusiasm grew for the vehicle, and its name became synonymous for reliability and all-purpose strength, so did the ambition of its designers. So throughout the 20th century, Defenders were improved and expanded upon until around 1990 when the legendary Defender series 90, 110, and 130 were introduced in a form we’d recognize today.

But the heritage and evolution of the Defender didn’t end there. In the 21st century, and particularly over the past five years, there have been some interesting developments in the world of Defenders. In 2012, a new, ultra-modern 2.2-liter diesel engine became the standard. This engine fit within European emission guidelines without losing any of the power and off-road capability the truck is known for.

The past few years have been nostalgic, as well. The introduction of a LXV special edition was launched to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the Land Rover line, and a spot-on replication of an old Series 1 production line was created in 2015. Maybe all of this nostalgia was rooted in something deeper. It was an open secret that the days of Land Rover Defender production were dwindling. Indeed, on January 29th 2016, the final new Defender was minted at precisely 9:29 AM, putting to an end the production of this historic and extraordinary line of vehicles.

As was clear by this point however, the story of the Defender had more pages. With the secondary markets continuing to explode for the vehicle, and even untouched models from decades earlier still prowling both on and off-road, the Defender remains as relevant as ever. Modification techniques and technology, such as those brought to the luxury market by the experts at East Coast Defender, have revolutionized the way this truck is looked at. Without losing its historic edge, the Defender is quickly evolving into a vehicle known as a symbol of prestige. Contact us today at 407-483-4825, or e-mail us at, for more information on the incredible, custom machines we excel at building, and find your place in the history of the Land Rover Defender.

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