5 Upgrades to Transform Your Defender into Your Daily Driver

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Our customizations run the gamut from accessories that can get you across a river to ones that can connect you to the web from a remote location. Both functionality and style can be built into a Land Rover Defender through deft modifications. East Coast Defender is a leader in pushing the limit on how far truck technology can go; the more radical the client, the more we love the challenge. Defenders are a head-turning vehicle, one that can take you off-road and out of your comfort zone. But, they are also terrific vehicles to use as your everyday mode of transportation. With these five impressive upgrades available from ECD, your custom modified Defender can go from functional to fabulous.

  • Left-Handed Drive Conversion

In order for your Defender to be comfortable to drive in the United States, the driver needs to be seated on the left side as opposed to right-seated drivers in the UK. US streets are all designed with a left-seated driver in mind, so not getting a conversion can cause some challenges. Our left-handed drive conversion moves the driver’s seat, steering wheel, and all other driving components to the left side of the vehicle to ensure that your Defender is the ultimate daily driver.

  • Automatic Transmission Conversion

Defenders traditionally (and in factory specs) were created with manual transmissions; it’s useful with off-road excursions especially. But fear not; along with the different ways in which we can position a gear shifter itself, we can also install automatic transmissions for clients wanting a more straight-forward approach to the road.

  • Upgraded Wheels

The options here are broad: function meets style in an incredible way. Kahn special edition 18” wheels are a popular fit with BFG tires. The goal is to match your body kit with a tire to make the smoothest road ride possible, and it’s a goal that 500 miles of test driving on each vehicle assures we hit.

  • Fully Electric Interior

Land Rover Defenders modified by ECD are true luxury vehicles and easy to spot for any valet. As such, the interiors we create are lined with luxury: electric windows and doors, touch screen GPS, LED lighting, Puma dashboard, and a well-placed sound system are just a few of the many accessories that you can choose from. Taken together, they make being a driver or passenger in our modern Defenders a lavish ride. In an instant, you’ll forget you might be driving a Defender originally built in the 90s.

  • World-Class Seating

Our seating, in both layout and fabric, is highly customizable depending on your needs. Check out the seven main outlines in the build section of our website, but don’t let it limit your imagination; from Corbeau racing seats to leather stitched bench style jump-seats, we have the variation to fit the road.

Our kaleidoscope of modifications can be overwhelming, but for more information on what kind of Land Rover Defender you can design for your daily travels, contact East Coast Defender today at 407-483-4825.

Achieve A Dream Driving Experience with Customized Interior Options

Land Rover Defender for Sale

There’s a world of exterior accessories and outward facing extravagance you can build into your custom-modified Land Rover Defender built in the USA. Incredible pieces from hood-mounted snorkels that filter and clear air to booming headlamps that boldly ignite the road ahead. East Coast Defender has the tools and skills to do it all. But of course, you are not going to be spending much time on the outside of you Defender. The real lavishness is reserved for the interior of our custom built trucks. From layout to cutting-edge sound and connectivity, we seek to make your driving experience a dream every day.

For Those Traveling With a Group

East Coast Defender is unique in its ability to offer seating layouts for a Defender not found in many other places. We have tried-and-true Interior Layout 2configurations we’ve settled on over the years. Our layout six and layout seven configurations are complex and incredible for those with large families or those commonly driving big groups.

  • Layout seven offers two front seats (often Corbeau bucket seats), two front facing middle seats, and jump style rear seats for passengers to chat face to face.
  • Layout six is the ultimate for big groups. Seating 10 people, this layout could fit nearly the entire New York Knicks team.

For Drivers Looking for Cargo Space

Additionally, we also offer layouts designed to for those with cargo in mind.

  • Layout four is popular in this regard; even as it comfortably seats five adults, it still offers enormous space for gear in the back tub.Interior Layout 3
  • Layout three distinctively combines space and seating, with two front facing driver seats, two front facing middle seats, and a unique combination of wall-mounted jump seats across from a hyper-functional large storage box.

The options and configurations are set only by the client, and only to your needs.

These layouts compliment the portions of your interior that can be included with every East Coast Defender build regardless of type: exceptional hand-woven leather seating, marine-grade carpet, Puma dashboards, and LED lighting. Incorporate it all, or just some, and amaze any and every passenger that steps within the confines of these luxury vehicles. These interiors are designed to make an impression. Everything is done on-site with nothing outsourced in our custom-modified Land Rover Defenders built in the USA. We even have a paint facility in our sprawling Florida headquarters. If you want to get involved with the finest in luxury level transportation, contact us today at 407-483-4825 or via our online contact form to find more about who we are and what we can do. To build your custom Defender, try our online configurator.

The Defender’s Most Iconic Exterior Features

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Land Rover Defenders have a look. When everything is taken in full, from fenders to windshield, this combination of small but critical design features makes the Defender what it is: a distinguished luxury truck with a bold and iconic profile. To the casual observer, these many pieces may seem fairly inconsequential, but when broken down carefully by those with a keen eye for Defenders, you begin to see the individual parts as marvelous functional exterior features.

Everything can be modified to an exquisite level when in the hands of someone with talent and passion. Below are four pieces of a common Land Rover Defender’s structure that are the main objects in giving the truck that elusive look; it’s so difficult to describe but so easy to see.

Front Wing

From the 1940s to the modern day, this sturdy and symbolic portion of the truck has remained through every revolution and innovation. To many, the bold boxy look is what sets apart the front of a Defender from any other truck or SUV. It’s a practical and functional aspect of the vehicle too: two basic parts easy to modify and accessorize and equally simple to replace if damaged.


Defenders also feature a very specific rounded edged look that is most prominent in the windows, and even more directly on the windshield. The theory of design to the smallest detail is what makes Defenders luxurious and sought after over the decades. And although these are indeed tiny details, they add up.


The doors on most vehicles feature a lot of random non-functional protruding pieces. What you’ll find on a Defender is sleek inset handles and window panes with a utility as its only goal. They are also very easy to take on and off when having issues with directly accessible hinges.


The back body portion of a Defender is recognizable maybe because it was built with the idea that it should be easy to modify and retrofit. With well-defined rivets (something that’s rare to see in general) and an arched fuel panel, it’s something that is unmistakably Defender.

Luxury trucks that remain popular for over half a century don’t do so by being common; they do so because they have a careful design and an incredible functionality that works hand in hand. Land Rover Defenders fit this description perfectly. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or online for more information on how we can define one for you.

ECD Pushes the Limits of Luxury with the Puma Dashboard

Land Rover Defender for Sale

As a driver, you will be utilizing and viewing your dashboard constantly, second only to the road ahead of you. Functionality and capability starts at the dash, so you’d be wise to surround yourself with the highest in quality and sophistication; Puma dashboards suit this ideal well. Land Rover Defenders built from the ground-up at East Coast Defender feature these signature panels more often than not. Recent builds that incorporated them (divinely, at that) include notables such as Project ATL, Project Spectre, Project Stealth, Project Valor, Project XII and Project Willow. It can be a solid choice for your future Defender as well.

Puma Dashboards have been around for years and are considered a luxury upgrade to any Defender. Land Rover started installing them on new models around 2007 to add a more modern accessory. However, installing them into the skeleton of older Defenders, as we do at East Coast Defender, is a complex task that consistently pushes our abilities. Your dashboard is an information center, and communication coming from it must filter to units throughout the truck. Wiring must be precise and placement must be exact. From air conditioning to Bluetooth hookups, everything a driver inputs into a Puma must work seamlessly.

Of course, Puma dashboards look phenomenal. Our customized Defenders have completely unique dashboards with hand-stitched trim created to fit a client’s exact specifications. This has the effect of making every Defender even more one-of-a-kind and allows our customers to craft a driving panel that suits them perfectly. The specifications asked for can create some interesting challenges on our end (how to position the speedometer, where to fit in your touch screen display panel, etc.), but we build for the challenges.

These innovative trucks are designed and built by automotive craftsmen, pushing the boundaries of what can be put into a Land Rover Defender. And these unique Puma dashboards are no exception, with customizations meant to be both fully functional and extraordinary. Check out our project gallery to get a more visual concept of what these leather dashboards can look like in a truck. And for more information on getting a build started of your own, contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or through our online contact form.

Building A Defender: Make a Statement with Paint

So much goes into a custom modified Land Rover Defender; built from the bones up and outfitted to the peak of luxury, it can be difficult for clients of East Coast Defender to keep track of all the decisions and choices to be made. We’re always here to help guide you along the way, and our elite team handles technical specifications to the smallest degree. But one decision every new car owner wants to make (especially when dealing with a custom built vehicle) is the most obvious: color. Defenders come in a wide range of colors and often are built with a purpose that requires a certain color. Military Defenders, for instance, often have a specification, as do Land Rovers transporting crown and state. The color you choose for your Land Rover Defender, however, is entirely up to your preference.

At East Coast Defender, we have an on-site, state-of-the-art facility designed to help you best choose a color and implement it. Doing the paint work ourselves at the ECD Florida headquarters allows a level of detail and variation that couldn’t be easily done with outsourced painting. Unlike other painters, we do not sacrifice quality for time savings. Our color schemes are an art-form: one we have fine-tuned and cultivated over the years. Our artists paint Defenders with our unique, five -stage application and clear coat within the perfected environment of our facility to create a unique masterpiece each time.



Project Urban Assault, full brawn and muscle, just wouldn’t have looked the same without that Imola grey with an eggshell finish, nor would Paint-4Project Pedigree have looked quite as dignified without a unique bronze green. Legendary gold medalist, Alex Morgan, went with the vibrant Keswick green for her still under-production build, and it glows wonderfully on the docks of our warehouse nightly.

So, how will you choose? A good starting point to think about is whether you prefer the metallic or non-metallic variations of Land Rover Defenders. It’s also key to think beyond simple singular colors, particularly with Defenders: a color like blue is not merely a blanket type, but a very specific pigment often linked to a renowned Defender color of a past vintage, such as the cobar blue used specifically in Defenders produced from 1998-2000.

Land Rover Defenders created by East Coast Defender standout on their own, but the effect can be amplified or dialed back greatly depending on something as simple as a paint color. Our years of technical experience can assist in finding the right fit for you. These are amazing machines built for legacy, and every detail is a matter of scrutiny. We’ll find the paint color for you. For more information, contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com to discover what we can create for you.


East Coast Defender Goes West Coast | Meet Up with Autoweek, Robb Report, Automobile Mag +

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Catch up with East Coast Defender as its original founders, Tom, Elliot, and Scott travel to the West Coast along with Workshop Manager, Glenn, to introduce some pretty bad-ass vehicles to some cool people. In Los Angeles, Autoweek, Robb Report, Automobile Mag, OffRoad.com, Jalopnik’s TruckYeah, and more meet the ECD founders to review the USA’s premiere Land Rover Defender builder and get the full experience of our one of a kind custom builds. Read more of their first hand experiences riding in our most iconic 2016 build, Beast, and one of our smoothest new engine upgraded builds, Project Venice:

“The experience is far better than any other $100,000-and-higher retrofit we’ve ever driven, and we’ve driven a few of them. You do come away with an entirely unique vehicle that not only looks and drives like a capable off-roader but carries genuine cachet as well. You can’t just buy cachet, you know. You have to let it sit around for 25 years to mellow.”  –  Mark Vaughn, Auto Week

[dt_button link= “http://autoweek.com/article/drive-reviews/drive-review-east-coast-defenders-land-rover-defenders-90-and-110″ button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” style=”light_with_bg” bg_hover_color_style=”accent” text_color_style=”context” text_hover_color_style=”custom” text_hover_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]READ MORE[/dt_button]

“The Defender wants to get wet, get dirty and to take you places you wouldn’t normally go. But thanks to East Coast Defender, you can do so without getting whiplash or without giving up any creature comforts…”– Amelia Dahlgaard, Nitto & Motorheadmama

[dt_button link= “http://motorheadmama.com/test-drive-east-coast-defender/” button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” style=”light_with_bg” bg_hover_color_style=”accent” text_color_style=”context” text_hover_color_style=”custom” text_hover_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]READ MORE[/dt_button]

East Coast Defender sources Land Rover D90s and 110s worldwide, rebuilds them in meticulous detail to your reasonable specifications, and will install anything from an LS3 V8 to a 2.8-liter Cummins under the flat hood. – G.R. Whale, AutoBlog

[dt_button link= “http://www.autoblog.com/2017/02/06/east-coast-defender-land-rover-90-110-review/” button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” style=”light_with_bg” bg_hover_color_style=”accent” text_color_style=”context” text_hover_color_style=”custom” text_hover_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]READ MORE[/dt_button]

“These Land Rovers are almost three decades older than the Cayenne but have presence and modernity that compete against the Porsche as if each was designed yesterday.”  – Jonathon Klein, Automobile Magazine

[dt_button link= “http://www.automobilemag.com/news/east-coast-defender-90-110-first-drive-review/” button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” style=”light_with_bg” bg_hover_color_style=”accent” text_color_style=”context” text_hover_color_style=”custom” text_hover_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]READ MORE[/dt_button]

“I was not prepared for the brutality of a corvette-powered Land Rover Defender.”

– Andrew Collins, Jalopnik

[dt_button link= “http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/i-was-not-prepared-for-the-brutality-of-a-corvette-powe-1791787682″ button_alignment=”default” animation=”fadeIn” size=”medium” style=”light_with_bg” bg_hover_color_style=”accent” text_color_style=”context” text_hover_color_style=”custom” text_hover_color=”#ffffff” icon=”fa fa-chevron-circle-right” icon_align=”left”]READ MORE[/dt_button]


Stay tuned for our featured articles in Robb Report, Automobile Mag, Offroad.com, and Forbes. Ready to start your custom Land Rover Defender journey? Email us at info@eastcoastdefender.com or give us a call at (407) 483-4825.

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People of Prominence Who Choose Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

With a mix of superior design, epic quality, and a distinctive unique European charm, it seems only all too inevitable that the Land Rover Defender would be highly sought after by the rich and the famous. This has certainly not always been the case, as Defenders grew from modest seeds of necessity in the darkness of World War II as helpful trucks to have around rural British farms. But maybe this exotic history added to the mystique that fueled it into a vehicle for movie stars and icons.

Of course, a touch of royalty certainly doesn’t hurt. Queen Elizabeth, who was the princess at the time, stood out of a Series I all the way back in 1951 to deliver the King’s Colours to the Royal Air Force. Some 67 years later, she still uses Land Rover Defenders as her primary means of transportation, with obviously much more refined series powering her nowadays. In fact, most of the royal family uses variations of Land Rovers and Defenders (specially designed for the security aspects involved with transporting such figures) as a main car when driving to both private and public functions. Generally, the first noted associations between the crown and Land Rover date back to around 1948 or 1949 and carry over to this day: Prince William drove their baby home from the hospital in one.

Other heads of state followed suit: Fidel Castro drove in Land Rovers from the 1950s to his recent death, and even has a museum devoted to them on the island nation. Various other nations, some associated with the commonwealth, also use Land Rover vehicles for their various dignitaries.

But it’s not just the political world where Land Rover Defenders show up. With the exclusivity of the truck as well as the luxury that rolls in tandem, Hollywood has been one of the biggest supporters over the years. Oprah Winfrey has a very rare 1993 Defender 110 NAS, Robin Williams for years upgraded from series to series, and Bill Murray has a black series that, it is said, he uses every year on Groundhog’s Day. In 2014, Ellen DeGeneres danced her way to a purchase of a modified Defender for her wife, Portia de Rossi, for Christmas. The trucks had caught Rossi’s eye for years, and Ellen explained on her show the legwork she had to put into finding the perfect one.

And the fashion world has Defenders (Ralph Lauren owns a particularly rare 1950 Series I), and rock stars do as well (Bryan Adams had a Defender 110 designed for him). Paul McCartney is so deep into Defender culture that he actually wrote the song “Helen Wheels” in honor of them.

The list goes on a long way beyond that. Somehow, we have yet to even mention James Bond himself, Sean Connery, and the collection of 110s he keeps on an estate in Spain. Additionally, leaders in business are beginning to demonstrate their affinity for Defenders. ECD recently built and delivered a one-of-a-kind Defender, Project XII, to the founder of Under Armour, Kevin Plank. Maybe all of this reveals something about the magic of Land Rover Defenders, and if you are interested in seeing behind the curtain, contact East Coast Defender today at 407-483-4825.

Take Your Truck for a Swim with a Snorkel

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

One of the more interesting modifications to any Land Rover Defender is the air intake valves crawling out of the hood and up to the roof. Actually, what makes them interesting is what they are commonly called: snorkels. Air intake snorkels give trucks like Defenders the incredible ability to withstand water depths that would generally shut down most any other vehicle; this is because the water overwhelms the air intake mechanisms and shuts down or destroys the engine. It isn’t just an extreme event like the above engine water that can take down your general air-intake system; off-road trucks can find trouble in heavy mud, kicked up dust from convoys, and an assortment of other situations.

To avoid all of these possibilities and to look pretty cool while doing it, air intake snorkels are the right choice. By positioning the air-intake high above the engine, usually to the same height as the roofline of the vehicle, you can keep clean, cool air flowing into the car’s vital systems at all times. The exhaust line is routed through the hood, in most cases, and concludes with a port of either a mushroom or forward facing intake. In the end, the intake usually sits about seven feet off the ground, depending on vehicle height.

So you’re sold, and you want a snorkel, but what are some things to consider when choosing one? Trusting experts in the field is always a good start: East Coast Defender commonly uses the battle-tested Mantac variety. Running snorkels along the interior edges of your truck, we can plant the snorkel at a variety of angles and in a range of colors. It’s important to know engine type when choosing an intake valve as well, and although well-insulated, snorkels do not make engines invincible; they will still succumb to being underwater after a variable period of time. However, front-facing intakes also improve fuel consumption and force cleaner air into your engine via the focused duct.

An expert in Land Rover Defender engines, East Coast Defender can find the right fit for you. Not only that, but we can integrate it with your truck’s electronic system, making automatic or manual access to the device easy. Mountains, jungles, deserts, or flooded roadways; all can be overcame with tough engines and an air-intake snorkel. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com for more information on the type of modifications we can outfit from our outstanding Defender builds.

Four Ways Owning an ECD Defender Changes Your Daily Drive

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

Oh, the places you’ll go. Driving one of our luxurious custom-modified Land Rover Defenders built in the U.S. will leave you awestruck on a daily basis, and your neighbors perpetually jealous. While these vehicles are hyper-unique, they do have everyday functionality, capability, and enough accessories to make any weekend interesting. Both off-road and on, a Land Rover Defender is more than just a truck; it’s a piece of your identity, filing years with memories both mundane and exceptional.

With that all said, there’s no denying that the exceptional aspect of the everyday driving experience is apt to come up more often than it does in any other automobile. The things you can do with these customized trucks that set it apart from the Daily-Drive-2rest of the road are vast and varied.

  • Park Anywhere

Let that Toyota Prius park in the “compact car” parking spot. With a Defender, you can drive off the road and create your own parking spot. Looking to get real close to your favorite fishing spot? No problem. Roll up to water’s edge for a little afternoon fishing and feel confident in our marine-grade interior carpeting and, if needed, accessories like a snorkel.

  • Impress Any Passenger

Whether you are picking up a potential client, navigating to a first date, or piling in an NBA team, the interior of our custom Defenders will dazzle. Guests will first notice the hand-stitched leather seating they slide onto. Is that your family crest sewn into the headrests? Why yes it is. Once you begin your journey, guests will take note of the superior sound system, the ultra-modern Puma dashboard, and all the other details you’ve hand picked.

  • Carry Plenty of Cargo

Cargo space is notable in all trucks and SUVs, but jaw-dropping in a Defender. You and your seven closest friends can ride comfortably in the Defender. Not to mention, roof racks add even more room.Daily Driver 3

  • Drive in All Weather Conditions

Sometimes, Defender owners will purposely put their vehicle into extraordinary conditions when off-roading. Other times, the extreme conditions come at you. When this happens, there are no finer options if driving is critical then a Defender. Floods, hurricanes, downed trees and any type of roadway obstruction are minimized with the legacy of these super-charged conquerors of the pavement.

These are only a few of the many life-changing aspects that driving a Land Rover Defender made in the U.S. on a daily basis will do for you. For more information on where to begin, contact East Coast Defender today at 407-483-4825. Take driving to the next level.