Best Places to Offroad in the U.S.

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

Land Rover Defenders have a lot of features that define them: luxury, comfort, quality, history, craftsmanship, power, and exclusivity. But nothing defines these audacious machines with more clarity than the moves they can make when taken off-road. Legendary from its beginning, Defenders are often thought of as the ultimate off-road vehicle because they seem to find no terrain impossible. It’s one of the reasons these vehicles are so commonly used by militaries from around the world. In short, their durability and power is world-renowned.

When you own a Land Rover Defender, you might as well really use it. To do that, you’ll need to find some of the most challenging and stunning off-road sites scattered throughout the United States. What follows is a quick summary of four we would recommend as the best if you are penciling in a Land Rover Defender road trip for this upcoming summer.

  • The Mojave Road

This scenic roadway hits some of the highlights in the American West: Joshua Tree Forest, the Colorado River, Rock Spring, and Soda Lake all included. Starting in Arizona and ending in California, this is primarily a super-remote desert run. And what does a desert not have? Water. Time to test those off-road survival abilities.

  • The Dalton Highway

A little off the map from the United States mainland, the Dalton Highway in Alaska (also known as the Haul Road) is 414 miles of hard driving and incredible sights. Much of this road is unpaved, putting your chassis to the test, one a Land Rover Defender will pass. This is an extraordinary run taken almost exclusively by off-road fanatics and truckers who don’t have any other choice. Pack well, and only attempt in the summer months.

  • El Camino Del Diablo

Hey, where are you going this summer? The El Camino Del Diablo, my friend. Now that’s a conversation starter. The Devil’s Highway is a historic 250-mile stretch of highway that has been around in some form for nearly half a millennia. Starting in Arizona and covering a wide-range of the Southwest, this beautiful and remote area is a bucket list item for the true off-road driver.

  • The Rubicon Trail

Unlike some of the long-haul roads we’ve listed above, which combine beauty, rough edges, and length, the Rubicon Trail is the premier roller coaster in the off-road lexicon. The trail is only 22 miles, but it packs a punch. This run located west of Lake Tahoe in California is a pure performance test; only the finest 4X4s and their drivers can conquer it.

There’s a longer list of course (no mention of White Rim Trail?), and if you find your off-road adventures to be sublime, you’ll track them down. To have the proper Land Rover Defender designed to tackle these challenges, call the experts at East Coast Defender at 407-483-4825.