Project Spotlight: Project Urban Assault

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

As East Coast Defender glides into 2017, our builds look to get more audacious and more custom. Our eye is to perfection, and our trademark resides someplace in the realm of the cutting edge. These Land Rover Defenders built in the USA., with nothing outsourced and everything built from the ground up within our sprawling Florida facility, are the vehicular definition of luxury and muscle. As exciting as past years have been, everything has been building up to this moment in time for us; our current combination of expert staff and years of modification knowledge place us in perfect position to begin minting masterpieces of the highway.

So, Project Urban Assault is our opening salvo. Jaw dropping and heart pumping, this custom modification is a landmark piece for us. From interior to exterior, no detail was too small, and no opportunity was missed to push the boundary of what a Land Urban Assault 2Rover Defender can fully be. This iconic build was completely custom-made for a client, and, like all of our designs, the input of our customer was essential to pushing us to the limits. We want to make the truck that fits in your garage.

Project Urban Assault was painted in a custom Imola grey and dusted with an eggshell finish. Its unique color is part stealth, part stand-out. Featuring a wide body kit and Kahn special-edition wheels (which come hand in hand with BFG tires, quickly becoming ECD’s go-to in the world of premium tire types), this road warrior also has a full roll cage. Off-road and on-road, it’s ready for anything.

Maybe most notable, to the connoisseur anyway, is the custom grill we crafted onto it. The slick air-intake fan in silhouette, this Zunsport grille will not be found on many other trucks of this vintage. To Urban Assault 3provide the level of power that would be expected in order to match the remarkable exterior, we dropped a Chevrolet LC9 engine right into it. The lucky driver of this one-of-a-kind beauty will be able to control via an electronic shift system.

The interior, however, is where Project Urban Assault defines itself. Custom stitching is done onsite in a red and black matrix that extends from the Puma dashboard with built-in Wi-Fi all the way to the trunk. Urban Assault’s seating layout is classic with a modern artistic touch that incorporates style and comfort in equal measure. This is a machine built with excellence in mind, a Land Rover Defender built in the USA, and one of the finest new entries into our historical catalog. To craft your own custom Defender, contact us today 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at