Accessories for Cold Weather Defenders

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

Land Rover Defenders, particularly those customized in the Florida headquarters of East Coast Defender, are trucks designed to handle all weather. From mud to water, sand, and jungle, these beasts of the road do not hesitate to conquer any challenge Mother Nature can put in their way. But even so, one season often stands out above the rest when it comes to putting automobiles to any type to the test: the icy, cold winter. Engines have to work harder, tires need to be reliable, and interior systems must work to perfection for your truck to operate at its maximum capability in the coldest months of the solstice.

At East Coast Defender, we ensure that they do. However, there are some special accessories that you may want to consider when building a Land Rover Defender that will get heavy use during the frozen months.

Exterior Accessories

Powerful lighting is always key, so roof-rack mounted light bars are a good idea (try the LED expedition rack for a really unique light display). Seeing as you may be asked to pull a less fortunate traveler out of a snowy ravine, the most powerful winch available, front and rear mounted, is paramount.

Engine and Tires

Accessories are side items to the main course of winter driving necessities: a powerful engine and tires to match. East Coast Defender installs some of the finest around, from 3.9-liter V8s to Chevrolet LS3s and LC9s. Chevy engines come equipped with a two-year warranty serviceable at any dealership. Your choices here vary a bit, but what is not left to chance is the muscle you’ll need when navigating snowy terrain. An engine is only as useful as the tires below it, however, and we never overlook that. A set of 18-inch Kahn alloy wheels featuring BFG tires should allow you to roll over any ice or snow covered surface.

Interior Comfort

The exterior choices we’ve noted are for the function of your Land Rover Defender in a blizzard, but what about comfort? Your hand-stitched leather seats just wouldn’t be same without a solid heating system installed in them. When the going gets tough and the visibility is less than excellent, a dashboard-mounted, fully-automated touchscreen GPS system will guide the path. If the sound of the weather isn’t to your liking, cocoon yourself in the all-encompassing warmth of a high-performance, multi-speaker sound system. If you have to go out in the cold and snow, at least do it in style.

These are but a few of the many features that can be custom-fitted to your bespoke Land Rover Defender. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information on what we can create for you this winter.