ECD Cornerstones: Innovation, Perfection, Heritage

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Land Rover Defenders built in the U.S. are a new chapter in the life of a legendary on-and-off-road vehicle that has roamed the asphalt for over 60 years. The things that can be accomplished in the 18,000 square foot warehouse of East Coast Defender push the envelope of where these luxury trucks can go and what incredible new heights they can reach. Those who work on and design these builds value creativity and imagination right alongside the vision that our clients bring to the table. But above all, East Coast Defender features three key points as the cornerstones of our entire identity and vision: innovation, perfection and heritage.


It’s a mistake to think of the Land Rover Defenders built in our Kissimmee headquarters as merely modifications on an age-old truck. In truth, they are full, top-to-bottom redesigns that take into account everything from the engine to the sound system. This requires us to make advancements in every field, and to thoroughly integrate innovation into every move we make. We are always engaged in pushing the limits of what a custom built Land Rover Defender can be. Our innovation shines through features like the LS3 engine, paddle shifters, and in-car technology.


All that innovation leads to the next concept that defines us in equal measure: perfection. It’s said that one cannot hope to ever be truly perfect in any task, but at East Coast Defender, that is no reason to stop trying. Every build pushes us one step closer to our ultimate vision of the perfect road machine. We improve through repetition and attention to detail. We come to the building docks every day with one goal in mind: that of a flawless build. During our chase of perfection, we’ve hired team members that will help take us one step closer including our Production Manager, Sam, and our Quality Control Lead, Sergei.


As we push the boundaries of mechanical and technological possibilities, the heritage of Land Rover Defender, that elusive legendary mystique that created a truck some 60 years ago that still stands as an icon today, can never be far from mind. As radical as our designs can get, we never lose sight of that gritty, English, family-farm truck that rolled tirelessly through the mud and through time. The value in the Defender namesake, and the honor it is to uphold it, is never lost on us.

Write it in stone and engrave it in the metaphorical heart of East Coast Defender; innovation, perfection, and heritage will always be our calling cards. For more information about becoming a part of the family that builds the finest Land Rover Defenders in the U.S., call at 407-483-4825, or e-mail us at