Project Spotlight: Project Willow

Land Rover Defender for Sale

East Coast Defender builds around 40 luxury vehicles per year. Every one of those 40 will roll out of the warehouse after an incredible engineering and design effort that’s rewarding and grueling. To some degree, it’s hard to see them go; these modified trucks become a piece of ECD, as every detail is fretted over during long afternoons and many months of planning and research. Land Rover Defenders are unique, their legacy distinct and decades in the making, so there’s also a loyalty to the brand. Our focus in on upholding the very best in design execution in each and every build. To put it in short, our heart is in every vehicle we build. They all get equal treatment, and they are all pushed towards perfection.

However, like all things in life, some just stand out above the rest. Project Willow, a mind-blowing creation of both grit and touch, stands out as one of 2016’s absolute best builds. A NAS 90 Defender, with every bell and whistle ProjectWillow2imaginable, we pushed the edge of innovation with this project and came out with something distinct and one-of-a-kind. Willow is the only NAS defender on the planet with a Puma dashboard, but the interior refinements do not end there: hand-stitched all-leather interior (with the work done 100% on-site by our craftsman), and a touch screen information/entertainment system that keeps you in control of the vehicle’s electronics like a road captain.

Project Willow is the definitive synergy between luxury and power. The interior is slick and exotic. It features a distinctive seating layout that allows passengers to feel as if they are traveling in a space that they wouldn’t find anywhere else on the road. From a performance aspect, the galvanized chassis went a long way towards stabilizing power. Lastly, from an accessory standpoint, the roof rack and Hella head lamps were just a few of the inspired touches that went into the design of Project Willow.

It was truly a one of a kind build, but it only achieved that level of sophistication from our clients. Our favorite builds are the ones that challenge us to take Land Rover Defenders to heights of quality they have never reached before. The limit is only within our client’s imagination. For more information about what it takes to begin a build with East Coast Defender, contact us at 407-483-4825.