Creating a Daily Driver or an Off-Road Maven

Land Rover Defender for Sale

The versatility of any Land Rover Defender is both a part of its legacy and the reason why some 60 years after their inception, they are still highly sought after road warriors. The Defender has the space and comfort for any sized family, although family was not in mind during initial creation. With handling improvements that took place in 1990s, the Defender is on par with many other SUVs and trucks, as the vehicle of choice to take to a soccer practice. But make no mistake, the Defender was originally designed to be an off-road powerhouse, and that legacy still growls within the pistons of the engine and vibrates along the shocks of the base. The ways in which you use your Defender, with this all in mind, is really up to you.

And it’s also up to your design specifications, especially when building a custom Land Rover Defender at East Coast Defender from the base up. Every one of our trucks is going to have that sporting/road duality built into its very nature, but we can easily, through the magic of modification, nudge your custom vehicle a bit further into one column or the other.

Off-Road Modification

Off-road and in the mud is where the Defender made its name; from military patrols to rolling over mountains just for kicks, its ability is world-renown. If you are buying a custom-built Land Rover Defender strictly for this capacity, you Daily-Drivercame to the right place. From KO2 oversized tires to full internal roll cages, Mantec snorkel air-intake systems and an assortment of body kits designed to take on any conditions: ECD can make your Defender into a supernatural conqueror of all off-road situations. There’s no specification to obscure and no modification to extreme. We will not rest until your off-road Defender is up to your exact off-road standards.

Daily Driver Modifications

We’re not all dreaming of off-road adventures as we cruise down the highway: some of us just like to drive, and in luxury at that. At ECD, we have that covered as well. Land Rover Defenders are sought after equally for their grace as their grit, and our modifications take that a step further: hand-stitched leather seating, touch screen entertainment systems (and sound), sunroofs, built-in enclosures for you beloved pooch, and full-scale LED lighting. Every lavish detail can be implemented making your “truck” into something more like a mobile living room.

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