Building a Defender: Tear Down and Fab Up

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Every truck that rolls into East Coast Defender’s state-of-the-art Florida-based garage is very far from the luxury vehicle that will one day roll out of the lucky future owner’s garage. These Land Rover Defenders built in the U.S. are just that: built. From engine to interior, wheels to eccentric modifications like snorkels and roll cages, everything that becomes one of our vaunted projects is created onsite. This long and exciting process can be referred to simply as a tear down, and then a fab up. It all occurs under the watchful eyes of our expert mechanics, and to the exact specifications of our valued clients.

Our Defenders are not simply touched up. A full teardown is something that takes skill and time; a teardown at ECD literally means taking the vehicle to its original chassis with essentially nothing but the solid foundation of a Land Rover Defender remaining. These deconstructed vehicles become the platform from which the art of creating a custom built Defender rests. As co-founder Elliot Humble puts it: “Tearing down a chassis is something that takes time, practice, and process. It means we have to repair and replace parts, even repainting, but it also means that we are giving our builds the most quality foundation.”

From there, an East Coast Defender vision expands. Every project has a goal of perfection, every part of each build must meet rigorous standards, and every design concept must push the envelope of innovation. The build up is where the fun begins. By the time you receive your completed vehicle, it will look brand new: but the heart of a sturdy and rare Land Rover Defender chassis beats from within.

Our Land Rover Defenders built in U.S. look to be inspirational luxury vehicles, and they are designed to fit your personality and spirit. We paint on site, we stitch interior fabrics on site, and we fit engines on site; nothing that is to become your driving machine is outsourced. We do this to ensure strict quality control standards, and also because, well, building Defender from the ground up is quite the adventure. These vehicles are icons with a history to match, and our buildup modifications try to pay homage to this while breaking new ground all their own. It’s a labor of love. For more information on how to get yourself involved, email us at

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