ECD Celebrates its 2016 MVPs

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This year at ECD has been an amazing one. From building a custom Land Rover Defender for the founder of Under Armour to the vast range of custom Land Rover Defenders we’ve built for our clients, we are excited to bring in just as much passion and focus on quality and perfection in 2017. We have always said two things power our brand: our product and our people. At the end of this year, we celebrated both the year and our employees to thank them for their dedication and their ability to take our builds to the next level of innovation. Here is a look at our 2016 Employee Choice and Founder Choice MVPs and Honorees:


Drive Train Lead Technician – Charlie, MVP 2016

Charlie walked into ECD on overdrive. Seriously. This man never stops. He constantly questions how we can improve our product and the quality of our builds, from axel improvement for top speed efficiency to suggestions on engine performance, Charlie has taken both of ECD’s drive train bays by storm. Charlie has been awarded both the MVP vote from his peers as well as the runner up MVP Founder’s Choice award, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have him on our team.



Quality Control Lead – Sergei, MVP 2016

Ah, Sergei. Sergei is possibly the hardest man to please when it comes to quality in the Rover Dome. Armed with a quality checklist, yellow AND (his now famous) red tape, Sergei does not mince words when it comes to voicing improvements for quality through every phase of each build. He is relentless and an invaluable part of our quality control process. You say quality in the Rover Dome, everyone’s thoughts will instantly land on Sergei, so it comes as no surprise that he is the Founder’s Choice #1 MVP for 2016.


eoycelebrationnickownersmvp-copy Tear Down Lead Technician – Nick, MVP 2016

Nick came to ECD with the task of improving our tear down and fab up phases that build the foundation for our custom Defenders. He has completely transformed the tear down bay and ironically made it into the cleanest and most organized bay in the Rover Dome. Nick sees opportunity in every aspect of his bay and has been awarded the Founder’s Choice 3rd place MVP award.




Upholstery – Hector, Innovation & Quality Award

Having all of our upholstery done in house has made a tremendous difference to our builds. Having Hector on our team has brought a new level of customizations to each vehicle, from red, quilt-stitched leather interiors to custom wrapped storage boxes, Hector consistently works to a standard that is well beyond our expectations. Hector has been given the Innovation and Quality award, and not just because of his amazing dancing skills.



Electrics Technician – Miles, Most Improved Award

Miles, our youngest employee here at ECD, started off as an apprentice to our current lead electrics technician. Miles is a quiet worker, consistently focused on improving his wiring skills and workmanship, and although we tease him for his age, he has certainly left an impression on not only his mentor, but the entire ECD team. We see Miles as a force to reckon with now and only more so in the future and he has been chosen to receive the Most Improved Award.



Thank you to our team and their families. We look forward to what 2017 will bring and how we can continue to bring custom, quality, and perfection to every build. If you’re ready to start your custom Land rover Defender, hand-built by our dedicated and knowledgable team, email us at or call us at (407) 483-4825.