Team Spotlight: Sam, Production Manager

Land Rover Defender for Sale

The work done at East Coast Defender relies on one thing in particular to separate our custom Land Rover builds from any others in the marketplace: the absolute cutting edge talents and abilities of our team members. Our designers and builders are brought in from every corner of the mechanic skill pool, each with different expertise. These customized, modified Land Rover Defenders just wouldn’t be the same without their knowledge. Our culture thrives on self improvement as we constantly strive towards perfection. We’ve assembled quite the team including our workshop manager, quality control lead, and head of engineering, but we found ourselves asking how we can inch even closer to build perfection.

We believe that Sam Roberson will take us one step closer. As the new production manager at East Coast Defender, his goals are clear: to always have the strictest eye towards quality and to decrease the time it takes for our clients to receive their dream truck. Efficiency and quality will be his world.

Sam’s main responsibilities will have him on the facility floor looking for improvements and consistently making refinements to production. He comes from a background of mechanical fixes to emergency vehicles which necessitates creativity and speed: those fire-trucks and ambulances have to find a way to get back on the road. These skills should translate well to ECD. He has an eye for the small things in a build and will look to ensure that down the line, quality can take hold even further within the garage.

Though production lead time and other measurables are an asset and will help in efficiency, East Coast Defender’s main focus is on innovation and quality; how long it takes to complete a project depends entirely on how long it takes before we feel a truck is as close to perfection as it is ever going to be. “I want to go faster, bigger, stronger than anybody in the world.” That drive for excellence is one of the things that attracted Sam to his new role here, and his dedication to it is a main reason he was hired. Land Rover Defenders are challenging vehicles to build in every sense, but this challenge is what makes them worth the time and care. The cars are iconic, the builds are revolutionary, and Sam Roberson looks to uphold that standard with ECD as they strive towards the future.