Seven Things You Didn’t Know About the Defender

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Land Rover Defenders have such a long and distinguished history, not to mention a thousand technical facets, that there is always something new to learn about the ever-evolving truck. From its humble beginnings as a working car for farmers across the U.K. to its evolution as a luxury road vehicle, the Defender has carved out its own unique space in the automotive record. With that in mind, we thought we’d share seven things you may not necessarily know about this legend of the road.

  • Aluminum: Early versions of the Defender were built with aluminum as opposed to steel because of World War II restrictions on materials. This would come to be oddly prophetic, as all modern vehicles have grown to depend on the lightweight material even without war rations in place.
  • A Big Name Favorite: It’s the car of The Queen, for starters; if you don’t see Her Majesty in a limousine, she will be in a Land Rover Defender. Other famous names behind the wheel of this iconic vehicle over the years range from Bill Murray to Sean Connery and Ralph Lauren.
  • The Wolves: Designed under the shadow of war, Defenders, to this day, do their part in militaries around the world. In Great Britain, the version of the XD Defender series is referred to as The Wolves.
  • Defender in the USA: Around the early 1990s when Land Rover Defenders finally began coming across the pond, modifications had to be made in order for the trucks to be street legal per the USDOT. This led to what is called the relatively rare Defender NAS (North American Specification).
  • Military Mobile: As mentioned, it is not just Great Britain’s military that has relied on Defenders over the years. Countries such as Australia and Germany have incorporated fleets into their regiments. Military Defenders are equipped with special TD5 engines designed to be resistant to the electromagnetic pulse created by nuclear weapons.
  • Bond, James Bond: Various Land Rovers have shown up in James Bond movies over the years, with an especially relevant role for the Defender in Daniel Craig’s recent version Spectre.
  • The Replacement: And sadly, all good things must also come to an end. Defender’s ceased production for good on January 29th, 2016. A new type of replacement vehicle is rumored to be in the awning for 2019. But due to their quality, Defenders will live on over the years with incredible modifications and restorations.

That’s just the beginning. Land Rover Defenders built in East Coast Defender’s massive Florida facility will have a history all their own. For more information about becoming part of this vast narrative, contact us at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information.