Favorite Projects of 2016

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Each project taken on when building a custom Land Rover Defender becomes a snowflake of truck design: unique and esoteric, with no two being exactly alike. At East Coast Defender, we can offer so many gadgets and modifications that creating a build is anpedigree-1 experience. Some of those experiences become legendary, and in 2016, we like to think we’ve had an incredible run of custom builds that have rolled out of our Central Florida facility.

In particular, two stand out for this year: Project Pedigree and Project Beast. With each custom build, our team or the build’s owner assigns a code name for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we end up spending so much time with the trucks that calling them the “green one” just does not do these works of art justice. An 18,000 square foot state of the art facility, 28 full-time employees, and some of the most talented minds in Land Rover building and design produce around 40 vehicles per year. This gives you an idea of both the exclusivity and care taken in the creation of each one of these projects.

pedigree-2Project Pedigree is a true to the nature of the Defender green colored classic and one of 2016’s best builds. Luxurious as caviar and as powerful as a polar bear, this is a classic take on what a Land Rover Defender can be, but with modifications that make the hearts race in the 110 community. A brand new Chevrolet LS3 engine with 6-speed automatic transmission was placed under the hood, ready to rip and roar. Its exterior color stands out in particular: a bronze-green that popped in both the shop and on the streets. And oh yes, it had accessories: A G4 expedition roof rack with a ladder, a set of BFG KO2 tires, and the pièce de résistance, an eye-catching Momo Indy woodgrain steering wheel that contrasts wonderfully with the all-black leather interior.

beast2Project Beast fell into the same sphere when mulling our favorite builds of this past year. The award-winning build, featured in the Luxury Travel Magazine, Beast is a modern, provocative, and innovative take on the Land Rover Defender. The matte, all-black exterior was meant to turn heads, as were the 18-inch Kahn special-edition wheels. There’s no doubt that the interior is just as revolutionary as the exterior. It features a completely hand-stitched leather interior and JBL 8-speaker sound package. Plus, it handled like a dream, in part due to having customized Tarox performance brakes and lift kit designed to maximize drivability.

In 2017, the team at ECD look to exceed and improve upon these two incredible builds. Our goal with every Land Road Defender that comes out of our custom facility is perfection and innovation, and we’ll keep striving to get there. Somewhere out there, within someone’s imagination, are the mental keys to unlocking what will be our favorite builds in this New Year. To be a part of this evolution in trucks, contact us via phone at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com.