Fly and Drive Program

Land Rover Defender for Sale

One-hundred-thirteen years ago, two brothers descended on the rolling sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to try something truly audacious. In a story now well known to history, and one that forever fundamentally changed the course of human history, Orville and Wilbur Wright launched the very first flight. It was bold, it was visionary, and it took technical understanding of mechanics on a level no one had previously been able to accomplish. Equal parts of genius and obsession went into what became known as that first flight 113 years ago. It only lasted a mere 12 seconds, as their craft powered itself for 120 feet at a snail-like 6.8 miles per hour (6.8!). That’s the origin story behind the famous picture: Orville at the helm, comfortably changing the course of history with resolve and persistence, as two brothers invented flight.

Down in Florida in the 21st century, two brothers (Tom and Elliot Humble) behind East Coast Defender bring a similar sense of adventure and the maniacal search of technical perfection to the endeavor of truck building. While the comparisons might end there, the Wright Brothers are a partial inspiration for ECD’s bold new Fly & Drive Experience.

Buying a Land Rover Defender in the U.S. from the world-class experts at East Coast Defender is not like purchasing any other truck: it’s the building of machine created to fit your personality and accompany your distinctive individuality. Each project has its own code name and its own identity.

That’s where the Fly & Drive program comes into play: we want you to be a part of this process all the way. For select individuals thinking of getting a Defender with ECD, we are offering a tremendous opportunity. In the Fly & Drive program, we will fly you out to our superb facility under the palms of Central Florida, arrange test drives, and give you a full tour of our operations: all of this on us with our executive concierge service.

Seem too good to be true? Most people didn’t think the Wright Brothers were serious either. But they were, and so are we. So this winter, if you are thinking of purchasing a luxury, custom Land Rover Defender in the U.S., contact us at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at, and we’ll start the process.