Team Spotlight: Tom, Elliot & Scott

Land Rover Defender for Sale

East Coast Defender is a tight group of hardworking individuals that strive for greatness on every single build. From a humble beginning in a 900 square foot shop to its more recent explosive growth beneath the swaying palm trees of Florida, ECD now boasts 23 full-time employees and an 18,000 thousand square foot, world-class garage. Building over 40 custom Land Rover Defenders each year is a passion for the crew, and it all would not have been possible without a leap of faith from founders Scott Wallace and the brothers Tom and Elliot Humble. The three founders all wear different hats, but Tom works sales, Elliot is the project manager and Scott is the business and financial strategist. And they love Defenders.

The team has one goal: perfection in every build. They are constantly working to meet the client’s needs, push innovation to the very razor’s edge, and create astonishing luxury Defenders. The business philosophy as Scott puts it, quite succinctly, is “vision with grind.” ECD looks to combine the elements that make Defender’s world-renown as incredible and reliable workhorse trucks (strength, power, durability) with ground-breaking luxury accessories for a synthesis that is part vehicle, part art. They build in-house to have full quality control over every aspect of the vehicles creation; outsourcing nothing and relying on a team of professionals who have decades of experience with these unique trucks. From in their paint facility to on-campus upholstery work, the results put the craftsmanship at ECD on a level that has no peers.

Tom Humble credits the ability to produce these driving machines to many things, but one stands above the fray: knowledge. With a production manager who’s been working with Land Rover Defenders for 25 years, to a deeply ingrained sense of legacy to the car’s original intent, ECD’s harshest critics are themselves. As Tom puts it: “We know our product and we take note of details that most wouldn’t notice. It just means that the quality of our builds will be nothing less than superb.”

East Coast Defender, with Scott, Tom, and Elliot at the helm, look towards a future of continued innovation and finding excellence at all levels. For Scott Wallace: “The biggest challenge is to continually bring the culture to life of pursuing excellence. If you can get a collective group of people to understand and deliver excellence in what we do, we will truly build some phenomenal Defenders.” That’s mission for these artesian of the Land Rover Defenders, one that shows no sign of slowing down in the balmy afternoons in Central Florida. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information.