Choosing Custom Elements for Your Build

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Custom elements when applied by the creative masterminds at East Coast Defender can take your standard Land Rover Defender and turn it into a bespoke, luxury vehicle that fits your vision and life. No one build is exactly the same, and the combinations available are endless. How can you choose the elements for your build?  Style, usage, and whatever you can dream up all factor in. One of the best ways to get an idea of the type of customization you may be looking for in a build is to simply flip through our project gallery. Here you will see the full vibrant range of possibilities.

All worked up from the finest chassis that our group of dealers in the United Kingdom can track down, the projects that have rolled out of our Kissimmee garage over the years can range custom-elementsfrom intimidating to jaw dropping. Take our Project Hulk for example; with an intense set of Kahn wheels, roof rack, and a dark Porsche olive green exterior, it makes a certain entrance. Plus, don’t forget the all important KBX package. Then there’s Project Infrared, bright and audacious, but with all the tech you could possibly want including full LED lighting and a top-level fully ingrained sound system. But even bright red Project Infrared has the same brute strength as any of our Land Rover Defender’s, with a roll cage, a 2” inch lift kit and a growling fully rebuilt 3.9 V8 engine. Our Head of Engineering, Ryan, continues to push the innovation envelope with custom 3D printed pieces like door handles. No customized accessory is out of reach.

The exterior options can be a bit overwhelming: roof racks, sawtooth wheels, Masai winch bumpers, the list goes on and on. But when picking elements for your build, one would be remiss if they didn’t put some serious thought into the place you’ll be spending the most time: the interior. Our in-house team of professional upholstery experts can put touches on seats and dashboards that are otherworldly. Corbeau racing seats can be monogrammed, luxury leathers from the around the planet stitched into every seam, and any seating layout you can think, we can make it work. We build it; simple as that. Don’t forget Masai Panoramic glass, sunroofs, and even, in the case of Project Eclipse, a custom built dog cage for your pooch.

Every Land Rover Defender built in the U.S.A by East Coast Defender starts as a concept and morphs into a fully-realized vision. It takes time, knowledge, and the help of our clients: your expectation of perfection is what drives us in the pursuit of creating the finest luxury vehicles. No accessory is too difficult, and no customization too obscure. For more information feel free to contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at