Restoring a Land Rover Defender: Choosing the Best Base

Land Rover Defender for Sale in USA

To restore something is the act of bringing an object to its former glory as closely and accurately as possible. At East Coast Defender, we go a few steps beyond this by innovating and improving our custom Land Rover Defenders before they roll out of the garage. However, in order to restore or improve, one must start with a solid foundation: choosing a high-quality base is essential to the creation of a world-class customized luxury road truck. The acquisition of the base is a selective process, and we rely on a tight community of suppliers and family back in the U.K. to provide the best trucks.

What we look for in Defenders is, first, the original vehicle with no upgrades or modifications of any sort before it is even considered for acquisition (the modifications are our department). Additionally, they must conform to the 25-year law which is a specification of the Department of Transportation (this would not include NAS series Defenders) that basically covers some U.S. restrictions for vehicle types that can go on public roadways. Beyond that, it’s all in making sure the numbers match and having a high-quality chassis. The qualifications for a base are relatively simple, but in such a rare vehicle, these can often be difficult to uncover.

The sellers we buy from, as noted, are a trusted small crew we’ve worked with for decades. And they are the ones who will notify us of any issues with the vehicle they are trying to procure long before it even has a chance to get into our quality control infrastructure. This trust from across the pond is vital to our business and goes a long way to delivering a piece of mind in the chassis from which your custom luxury ride will grow.

That said, when it comes to individual models and series, any will generally do. Land Rover Defenders have changed over the decades, but the essential quality and base design remains the same. It is from that base where we work our magic. What was once a two-decade old vehicle used in U.K. farmlands and backcountry roads will be redefined into a luxury cruiser capable to both take the family out for a night on the town or take the driver for a day off the road. Our Land Rover Defenders are made from the base up in the U.S.A. by the signature innovators at East Coast Defender. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information.