Ensuring Quality: East Coast Defender’s Process

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Quality is not simply a hollow word at East Coast Defender: it’s an entire system of thought applied to amazing machines in the never-ending push towards the pinnacle of truck construction. Land Rover Defenders are vehicles that, above all, are known for their soundness of build and an excellence in production. This is a legacy, one we take very seriously throughout our entire process.

Creating the perfect build truly is a process. Although everyone in the ECD garage strives for top quality each day, the designated double-attack of Sergei (our quality control lead) and Glenn (production manager) are the very frontlines of quality. Anything that doesn’t meet Sergei’s standards during his garage walk receives the red tape and is removed or replaced immediately. Glenn runs a 200-point inspection based on Sergei’s quality control list: once when the truck enters the building and again when it is nearing completion. Inspector Sergei strives for nothing short of perfection, and each build is an opportunity to get just that much closer to it. Improve, improve, improve.

Our habit is quality, and quality is our habit. Each lead at every bay is inspecting our vehicles on a daily basis and our whole team is constantly keeping an eye towards advancement. Add to that this process implemented with quality assurance as its foundational concept: a bumper-to-bumper inspection, followed by a test drive of at least 500 miles, then a 200-point inspection followed by yet another 500-mile trial and then we come in with an additional 200-point inspection. Sergei and Glenn hover nearby during the entire process; concerned parents and hopeful perfectionists in equal measure.

Builds can vary in their timelines, but our quality control process is more absolute. Each vehicle will be placed in the program for three full weeks. Beyond that, we have warranties of between six and twelve months for any ECD produced car and engine warranties on Chevy crate engines of two years. We aim to make these assurances unnecessary entirely.

Each vehicle completed by East Coast Defender will be fitted with an inspection plaque signifying the completion of the vehicle post final inspection.


Quality, at East Coast Defenders, is a non-outsourced passion helmed by 28 of the best professional Land Rover Defender custom builders on the planet. Our builds are works of road art, meant to be the focal point of any garage and a vehicle for decades for every owner. We look after a legacy. Contact us today at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at info@eastcoastdefender.com for more information.