Truck Trends, Jason Gonderman visits East Coast Defender

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A few weeks ago we flew Jason Gonderman of Truck Trend out for a tour and test drive of our facility, aka The Rover Dome. After finding out that Jason had never ridden in a Defender before (as if we weren’t already going to take him out for a test drive in our LS3 D90), we made sure to give him a taste of the Defender lifestyle in our Project Venice. Here’s a bit of what Jason had to say about his test ride:


“All of the Defenders were fun and easy to drive… They aren’t super quiet, especially with the soft-top, and aren’t ultra refined like a Rover of today, but that’s not what Defender buyers are looking for anyway. The factory Rover V-8 won’t win any races, but the nostalgia makes it fun to tootle around in. If winning races is something that you’d like to do, the Defender 90 with the LS3 and four-speed transmission is the ticket. This one felt like a rocket ship, with quick acceleration and crisp shifts. Most refined of the bunch was the LS3 and six-speed combination. This combination retains all of the LS3’s potency but combines it with an extremely smooth shifting transmission.” – Jason Gonderman, Truck Trend


Bingo Jason! Only a few laps around the local area and Jason has already picked up on the culture of the Defender, fun, easy to drive, not always quiet but we agree – the nostalgia is what makes it fun. Plus, our latest use of the LS3 and 6 speed auto transmission as Jason mentioned has proven to give the most satisfying of purrs upon start up and while driving, depending on the exhaust attached of course.

Read what else Jason discovered from East Coast Defender: Here


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