Land Rover Defender: James Bond’s Choice

Land Rover Defender 90

James Bond has driven, in no particular order, such iconic vehicles as the Aston Martin DB5, a BMW 750iL, and a Jaguar XJ (X351). In Tomorrow Never Dies, Pierce Brosnan as Bond has to flee through the streets of Saigon as a Range Rover (P38A) launches itself after him. So, with the history of incredible cars in Bond movies, a very part of the fabric of the franchise itself, it seemed like only a matter of time before a Land Rover Defender made an appearance. It’s a vehicle that defines the side of Bond displayed by Daniel Craig perhaps most prominently: toughness and rigor.

In 2012’s highly-acclaimed Skyfall, the Defender took a quick star turn as the 110 double cab version in metallic silver during an opening chase scene (the car was handled by the always on point Bond character, Moneypenny). The vehicle used in the shoot itself was later auctioned off but was essentially a very basic model of the malleable Land Rover.

In 2016’s Spectre, the Defender returned, this time in the rugged mountains of Austria, and in the Spectre iteration, the Defender is highly modified: 37-inch Baja tires, Bilstein steering shock-absorbers, a mobile in-cab tire inflator, roof rack, roll-cage, a ridiculously massive front winch, as well as an all black interior and exterior. It also included a modified Turbo diesel 2.2-liter engine, according to Ollie Kew at Top Gear, who had the opportunity to test-drive the actual model used in the movie. He described it as “the best Defender I’ve ever driven.” Expert modification can have that effect.

Bond is defined by the cars that he drives and even the cars that chase him. Luxurious but ready to rumble, the Land Rover Defender fit into his story arc perfectly. Only 10 versions of the masterpiece on display in the 24th anniversary of the Bond films were created, many of which took a beating in the actual rough and tumble filming of the feature.

But it’s this kind of flexible and elastic interior and exterior work that makes the wizards at East Coast Defender grin. We can create a bespoke Land Rover Defender fit for a Bond, wheeling right out of our 18,000 square foot Rover Dome here in the U.S.A. Contact us anytime at 407-483-4825 or e-mail us at for more information on what we can create for you. Your imagination is the only limitation.