Invest, Innovate, Implement – HP Tuning from ECD’s Head of Engineering

Land Rover Defender in the US

It’s not everyday our owners spend $650-$4,000 on software they have no clue how to use, but with our Head of Engineering, Ryan, ECD has begun to accumulate a range of intuitive software that will tell us how to improve our Defenders that are powered by brand new engines.

“HP Tuners is a software that will allow us to view, record, analyze, and modify engine/transmission data. It will give us the ability to view real-time data in order to better monitor our engine and transmission conditions. This performance information can then be recorded and stored in a folder dedicated to that specific truck.  An additional benefit is that we will also be able to make small adjustments to any engine and transmission calibrations to better optimize each truck individually.” – Ryan, Head of Engineering.

ecd_9458-copyBut what does it all mean for ECD’s builds? For those enthusiasts who love the Defender but just want to see power, it means we can actually measure and take into account just how much power one of our builds is letting off and improve the drive based on the outputs. This is huge in terms of making the Defender, a vehicle typically known for tossing it passengers to and fro inside, into a smooth daily-driver worthy of the terms “luxury” and “modern”.

“Since the GM crate engines are a “turn-key” solution, we typically only have to monitor our fluid temperatures and pressures to ensure they’re operating within spec.” – Ryan.

The HP Tuner software can be considered small stuff compared to the other range of software on Ryan’s shopping list, but being ECD, our need for perfection dominates any hesitations we have in investing in new tools if the result means improvement for our vehicles. For ECD, good is just not good enough.

Ready to take the turn your Defender into a daily driving pavement pounder or ready to get started? Email us at or give us a call at (407) 483-4825.

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