New $225,000 Project XIII; 2017 Orders Open

East Coast Defender Completes New $225,000 Project XIII; Opens 2017 Orders

East Coast Defender (ECD), the award-winning builder of premium Land Rover Defenders, recently completed its latest custom creation: a stunning $225,000 Corris Grey Defender 110. Dubbed Project XIII in an homage to its new owner’s birth date, the Defender 110 began life as a rare 1993 NAS (North American Spec) model. With special badging designating the limited run of 500 NAS vehicles, ECD adroitly transformed the rare truck into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Project XIII represents the current zenith of ECD founders Tom and Elliot Humble’s years of Defender customizing experience. This all-terrain luxury vehicle is a tasteful amalgam of the best in British refinement, deftly paired with American power. Hand-built in ECD’s 18,000 square-foot “Rover Dome” facility, the multi-functional Project XIII features a fully warrantied GM LS3 engine rated at 430 hp. This 6.2-liter V-8 adds modern Corvette Stingray performance to the legendary Land Rover styling that conquered the over-landing world. Crafted to cut a magnificent impression out on the road, ECD’s also made sure Project XIII had performance to match. ECD’s team successfully upgraded 0-60 mph acceleration to a mere seven seconds – incredibly impressive for a brawny nine-passenger SUV at home tackling just about anything.

The powerful Corvette engine is mated to a smooth-shifting GM 6L60 6-speed transmission. ECD replaced the transmission’s standard shift lever with a console-mounted Powertrain Control Solutions push-button system with illuminated LCD gear-selection display. This highly functional modification projects a clean, modern appearance to the interior. An adapter mounts the GM transmission to the factory Rover LT230 transfer case, which ECD upgraded with an Ashcroft center limited-slip differential. Hardened-steel Ashcroft axle shafts reliably transfer power to the wheels.

Project XIII rides on black 18-inch Boost Alloys. For multi-terrain traction with a quiet road ride, the Boost wheels were mounted on 32.5-inch-tall BFGoodrich Radial All-Terrain KO2 tires.

Signature body modifications give Project XIII the distinctive refinements that have become the trademark of East Coast Defender builds. Wonderfully at ease on or off-road, ECD supplied Project XIII with a full external roll-cage and a Masai rear ladder. Additional restyling touches include a custom Zunsport grille and KBX fender checker plates and grille/headlamp surrounds. Project XIII also boasts upgraded modern LED lighting all around. Panoramic rear windows provide dramatically improved glasshouse views for passengers. Running boards ease ingress/egress at all four doors, and a front Warn winch is at the ready for heavy-duty jobs in the bush.

The luxury interior was crafted to maximize comfort, convenience, and durability. Project XIII features a nine-passenger configuration with custom-stitched leather upholstery exuding comfortable, purpose-driven luxury. The front-row seats are Corbeau sport units. Puma seats comprise the second-row bench, which is backed up by four rear jump seats. The black leather theme carries through to the Momo steering wheel and Puma-upholstered dashboard. Similar to an atelier, every vehicle cabin ECD designs is completely suited to each owner’s tastes, fit, and preferences.

Electronics are one of the Project XIII Defender’s featured improvements. Creature comforts previously absent abound. Power windows and remote-activated door locks were installed. ECD also added heated glass for front and rear quick defrosting. Reverse sensors and a back-up camera were also included to improve maneuverability during city driving.

ECD upgraded the infotainment system. It begins with an Alpine touch-screen LCD display for driver convenience. The display also seamlessly integrates with GPS navigation and the back-up camera, which is Bluetooth-compatible. Audio output and clarity were enhanced with a super-premium 13-speaker JBL system with an extra subwoofer to deliver a flawless audio experience.

Project XIII represents the current apex in manufacturing from ECD as the company tirelessly works to constantly perfect its performance offerings and vehicle amenities. As 2016 closes, ECD is also opening up the company waiting list for 2017 orders. All clients who order from ECD before April 2017 can expect delivery of their new custom Defender in the same calendar year.

Invest, Innovate, Implement – HP Tuning from ECD’s Head of Engineering

Land Rover Defender in the US

It’s not everyday our owners spend $650-$4,000 on software they have no clue how to use, but with our Head of Engineering, Ryan, ECD has begun to accumulate a range of intuitive software that will tell us how to improve our Defenders that are powered by brand new engines.

“HP Tuners is a software that will allow us to view, record, analyze, and modify engine/transmission data. It will give us the ability to view real-time data in order to better monitor our engine and transmission conditions. This performance information can then be recorded and stored in a folder dedicated to that specific truck.  An additional benefit is that we will also be able to make small adjustments to any engine and transmission calibrations to better optimize each truck individually.” – Ryan, Head of Engineering.

ecd_9458-copyBut what does it all mean for ECD’s builds? For those enthusiasts who love the Defender but just want to see power, it means we can actually measure and take into account just how much power one of our builds is letting off and improve the drive based on the outputs. This is huge in terms of making the Defender, a vehicle typically known for tossing it passengers to and fro inside, into a smooth daily-driver worthy of the terms “luxury” and “modern”.

“Since the GM crate engines are a “turn-key” solution, we typically only have to monitor our fluid temperatures and pressures to ensure they’re operating within spec.” – Ryan.

The HP Tuner software can be considered small stuff compared to the other range of software on Ryan’s shopping list, but being ECD, our need for perfection dominates any hesitations we have in investing in new tools if the result means improvement for our vehicles. For ECD, good is just not good enough.

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