Our New Quality Auditor, Evert, Adds to Our Obsession with Quality

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Quality. Yes, it’s one of our favorite words to use here at East Coast Defender. We strive on every level to produce the highest quality, luxury, custom, boutique vehicles on the market, and for us that means having four separate quality control checks. Yes, four.

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, our builds go through a 272-point inspection through our Production Manager and 25 year Land Rover Defender veteran Glenn and an external check team, however recently, we placed Fantastic Four member, Sergei, as our Quality Control Lead for step three of the quality check. 

ECD_5622 copyOf course for ECD, having only three quality check steps is not enough. So we hired Evert, a member of the Marine Corp, to audit the quality of each vehicle, in between Glenn and Sergei’s quality check. Evert’s day involves taking each truck out for drives that last anywhere from 10 miles to 100 miles, up to 1,000 miles total, to mimic client behavior with driving their trucks on a daily basis. His checklist also involves things like opening and closing each door up to 45 times as the client would, accessing the Bluetooth after leaving and entering the vehicle, and making sure every function is user friendly for the client. 

“In the Marine Corp, we have a saying, ‘Adapt, improvise, and overcome’. I treat each truck as if it were mine and try to find any and every detail that doesn’t seem like it’s quite at it’s best. I go over every inch of the truck, spotting anything from having access to the panel under the seat to the windows rolling up in a timely manner and how smooth it is to put on the seatbelt.” – Evert, Quality Auditor.

We are our worst critics, so Evert takes the time to note every small detail that doesn’t live up to our standards. Whether it be additional paint needed to recommendations based on requests from individual clients. Our client, Sloan, who specifically requested mirrors in her sun visors (typically not in the Defender) for her Project Eclipse and Evert noted that the visors didn’t easily pull down for the mirrors to be fully viewed. 

ECD_5631 copyEvert’s quality check adds another 70-points to the 272-point checklist, not including the multiple times he tests each piece of the vehicle. After his check, Sergei then inspects the truck, implements the changes, and Evert will test drive and check the vehicle yet again before handing it over to our external inspector. 

“We build dreams for our clients so it’s my job to make sure that when they get their dream vehicle, its performance exceeds their expectations.” – Evert.

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