ECD’S Very Own Fantastic Four Collaborating to Build the Best Defenders in the World

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Glenn, Sergei, Ryan, and Jared make up the ultimate dream team of East Coast Defender. Written on the walls of the Rover Dome, you’d see that “Our Product is Simple – Quality and Excellence Are Expected at All Times”.  To build a truly custom luxury boutique Defender, it takes vast Defender knowledge, rigorous quality control, industry leading innovation, and profound custom car knowledge.

Glenn, our 25-year Land Rover Defender veteran and Production Manager, is well versed in the drive of the Defender and brings his knowledge and intel to East Coast, ensuring that we send out a proper drive every time.

Sergei, a genius in his craft of fitting drive-trains and diagnosing issues, is constantly driven by his need for perfection. He can often be seen checking all quality of work and bringing it to everyone’s attention that we can ALWAYS do better.

ECD_4851 copyRyan, a former Volvo engineer and ECD’s very own Head of Engineering, has a drive for innovation that will add the elements of creativity and evolution to our Defenders, ensuring our vehicles drive at their optimum efficiency and exceed expectations.

Jared, wrapping the team together with years of custom vehicle knowledge, knows exactly what it’s going to take to bring ECD’s custom Land Rover Defenders to the top tier of premium and luxury vehicles.

“It’s all about taking this vision we have, making sure it’s effective, and implementing it. We want to turn these vehicles into our idea of premium and luxury.” – Jared

The four can often be seen consulting one another on how to improve our standards, never settling for the easy way out. If it comes down to us needing a specific part or bit to meet the expectations of Glenn and Sergei, Jared and Ryan will be seen collaborating on how we can make the part right here at ECD.

“Bringing quality step by step and piece by piece to every single vehicle is how we plan on being Number One in the market.” – Sergei

East Coast Defender has brought this level of experience together for one reason that is simple: quality. With the Fantastic Four heading our work force here at ECD, we are more than confident we can continue to drive towards perfecting and building the best Land Rover Defenders in the world.

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