Our Latest NAS D90 Out, Project Evergreen, is a True British Classic

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Project Evergreen is a sporty Land Rover Defender NAS 90 dressed in the forever classic British Racing Green with the heritage inspired white roof, making it a truly stand out build. Staying true to its classic nature, Project Evergreen hosts two rear folding bench seats and a manual transmission powered by its fully rebuilt Rover 3.9L V8.

ECD_5338 copy Hardware Features:

• Fully rebuilt Rover 3.9L V8 fuel injected engine
• Fully rebuilt transmission and transfer case
• Fully rebuilt axles
• Upgraded disc braking all round
• Upgraded suspension with 2″ lift
• Media blasted chassis with powder coated finish
• Air Conditioning
• Sunroof

ECD_5278 copyAccessory Features:

• Full external roll cage
• Marine grade carpet
• Hand-stitched leatherette interior
• Remote Locking
• Power Windows
• Rock Sliders and checker plates
• High performance LED lighting all round
• Touch screen infotainment system
ECD_5245-2 copy• Upgraded stereo with bluetooth and 4 speaker setup
See more of Project Evergreen on our Project Gallery Page. Like the look of Evergreen? Email us at info@eastcoastdefender.com or call (407) 483-4825 to get started on your custom Land Rover Defender.


Why Buying Your Defender in America is Your Best Option

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Several builders will offer you 3 out of 20 options, East Coast Defender offers you them all.


A Few of Our Luxury Options

  • Chevrolet Performance Engines with 50,000 mile/ 2-year Warranty
  • Electronic Push Button Shifter
  • Blind Spot Indicators
  • New Puma Dashboard
  • Hand-Selected Accessories
  • Hand-Stitched Leather Interior
  • Sports, Luxury, and KBX Packages
  • All Premium Touch Screen Infotainment with 6 Speaker Setup, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Hear From a Few of Our Clients

 “Seeing my dream vehicle go from paper to unveiled reality.  So fantastic this truck. Hand picking every little thing is such a fun and exciting process, and then to see it all come together so beautifully, with people that hand built it all there to share your excitement.”



5 “Where do you go when you crave something unique because you’re tired of all the new stuff out there?  For me the answer was EAST COAST DEFENDER.  Their team has managed to create the perfect blend of rugged classic TRUCK meets modern comfort.”


“I’ve always liked the design and classic look of the Land Rover Defenders but it wasn’t until I went to the shop that I fell in love with these awesome trucks.”




“Having lived in Africa, my wife and I developed a love with the classic Land Rover.  So when it was time to find and build the right d90, East Coast Defender was the obvious choice.”




To learn more about our build process and the luxury options we offer email us at info@eastcoastdefender.com,

or call (407) 483-4825.

ECD’S Very Own Fantastic Four Collaborating to Build the Best Defenders in the World

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Glenn, Sergei, Ryan, and Jared make up the ultimate dream team of East Coast Defender. Written on the walls of the Rover Dome, you’d see that “Our Product is Simple – Quality and Excellence Are Expected at All Times”.  To build a truly custom luxury boutique Defender, it takes vast Defender knowledge, rigorous quality control, industry leading innovation, and profound custom car knowledge.

Glenn, our 25-year Land Rover Defender veteran and Production Manager, is well versed in the drive of the Defender and brings his knowledge and intel to East Coast, ensuring that we send out a proper drive every time.

Sergei, a genius in his craft of fitting drive-trains and diagnosing issues, is constantly driven by his need for perfection. He can often be seen checking all quality of work and bringing it to everyone’s attention that we can ALWAYS do better.

ECD_4851 copyRyan, a former Volvo engineer and ECD’s very own Head of Engineering, has a drive for innovation that will add the elements of creativity and evolution to our Defenders, ensuring our vehicles drive at their optimum efficiency and exceed expectations.

Jared, wrapping the team together with years of custom vehicle knowledge, knows exactly what it’s going to take to bring ECD’s custom Land Rover Defenders to the top tier of premium and luxury vehicles.

“It’s all about taking this vision we have, making sure it’s effective, and implementing it. We want to turn these vehicles into our idea of premium and luxury.” – Jared

The four can often be seen consulting one another on how to improve our standards, never settling for the easy way out. If it comes down to us needing a specific part or bit to meet the expectations of Glenn and Sergei, Jared and Ryan will be seen collaborating on how we can make the part right here at ECD.

“Bringing quality step by step and piece by piece to every single vehicle is how we plan on being Number One in the market.” – Sergei

East Coast Defender has brought this level of experience together for one reason that is simple: quality. With the Fantastic Four heading our work force here at ECD, we are more than confident we can continue to drive towards perfecting and building the best Land Rover Defenders in the world.

Want to see more of what’s happening in the Rover Dome? Stop by for a visit and be sure to connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Project Alpine Ready to Run New York

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Project Alpine, an all original fully loaded Land Rover Defender 110 in stunning Yulong White, is heading home to New York tomorrow. Alpine carries a 3.9L Rover V8 on 18″ wheels and an all upgraded exterior. Alpine heads a new innovation at East Coast Defender with its one-of-a-kind Blind Spot indicators.

– Fully Rebuilt Rover 3.9L V8
– Automatic Transmission
– Air Conditioning
– Premium Sound with Bluetooth, GPS, and
  Back Up Camera
– Blind Spot Indicators
– Electric Locking
– PUMA Dashboard
– Momo Sport Steering Wheel
– Hand Stitched Leather Seats

– Heated Corbeau Front Racing Seats
– Full Sound Deadening with Premium
  Carpet and Rubber Mats
– Upgraded Suspension with 2″ Lift Kit
– Upgraded Disc Brakes
– LED Lighting All Around
– Custom ZunSport Grill
– All around Checker Plating
– PUMA Style Rear Windows
– Swing Away Wheel Carrier
– Masai Fire and Ice Rock Sliders
– NAS Style Rear Step
– Rear Work Lights
– 4 Rear Folding Jump Seats
– SmittyBilt Winch
– 18″ BFG All Terrain Tires
– Boost Wheel in Black
– Lazer Light-bar
– Full External Roll Cage
See more photos of Project Alpine on our Project Gallery Page.
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“East Coast Defender Taps Into the Heart of the Aftermarket” – JustLuxe

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Brilliantly written by author, Jackie Bryant, Just Luxe features the ins and outs of East Coast Defender and how our business model is simply quality, quality, quality. JustLuxe focuses on luxury lifestyle, fashion, and travel and reached out to us to feature our one off vehicles and the amazing clients that drive them.

See more from our owners and JustLuxe by reading the full article here: JustLuxe Features ECD


Meet Jared | Custom Car Guru and New ECD Lead Tech

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

With a vast background in custom vehicles, Jared was brought onto the ECD team to increase the luxury and quality of each aspect of ECD’s builds that make them custom. Jared will be bringing his custom car knowledge and engine experience to add fluidity to ECD’s new engine installs and take ECD’s iconic vehicles to a new level of modern heritage. Jared will be partnering with ECD’s Land Rover Defender veteran and production manager, Glenn, and ECD’s new Head of Engineering, Ryan to produce a custom Land Rover Defender worthy of making ECD the number 1 Defender builder in the world.

Project YellowJacket | Video Tour

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Project YellowJacket, trimmed with a removable convertible top, an internal roll cage, 6 Hella spot lamps, and a front brush guard, is a 1994 ECD NAS 90 Edition ready to take on any off-road excursions or daily drives. Built in just under 12 weeks, the rare ECD NAS 90 Editions start at a price of $89,995.

• Fully rebuilt Rover 3.9L V8 fuel injected motor
• Inspected and re-sealed transmission and T case
• Axles stripped, resealed and re-finished
• Upgraded disc braking all round
• Terra Firma suspension upgrade with 2″ lift
• Chassis hand stripped and re-finished
• Genuine Land Rover mud flaps & rubber mats
• AC as standard
• Convertible top
• Stripped and re-trimmed interior with sound deadening
• Re-trimmed seats in leather
• Repainted exterior in your choice of color
• High performance LED lighting all round
• Upgraded stereo with bluetooth and 4 speaker setup
Ready to build your custom ECD NAS 90 Edition? Call us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at info@eastcoastdefender.com.

Product Development Engineer Joins ECD

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Meet Ryan, the newest member of ECD and our new Head of Engineering. Ryan, a University of Delaware graduate and former Volvo Product Development Engineer, will be heading up design and implementation of new custom parts and procedures for East Coast Defender.

Ryan specializes in designing products that improve the overall interior, exterior, and running quality of vehicles, and his role at East Coast Defender will enhance both our innovation and efficiency in building award winning custom Land Rover Defenders. Ryan will be working closely with our 25-year Land Rover Defender veteran, Glenn, with his vast Defender knowledge, and another new team member we will be introducing soon, to work towards building the perfect Defender.

Sometimes a Rough Start But Always a Quality Finish

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

The journey of our custom Land Rover Defenders is often under-estimated.Most of our vehicles come to us after a long, hard life and have the scars to show it, but they go through an uncompromising quality controlled process to become the iconic vehicles unique to each and every client. From a full tear down, to ensuring our new hand built vehicles are ready for the American road, we transform these vehicles, inside and out.


ECD_3450 copy



Your build goes through 9 meticulous phases within our Rover Dome shop: Tear Down, Fab Up, Custom Paint, Drive Train, Body Assembly, Electronics, Upholstery, Cosmetics, and Quality Control all of which are visible to you in your custom client portal complete with photos and updates.

Standard features applied to every build include fully re-built engines, fresh paint done in-house, new carpets and headliners, hand-stitched interior, new stock suspension and braking, resealed drive ECD_3454 copytrain and axels, Upgraded sound system, convertible or hard top style, and a 272 – point quality inspection.

The upgrade options are truly unlimited but here are some highly sought after options: New crate engine (Chevrolet or RPI), elite style and heated seating, new LED lighting, electric front windows, remote locking, touch screen infotainment, back up camera and blind spot sensors and any premium accessories.

Ready to start your build’s journey toward custom perfection? Email us at info@eastcoastdefender.com or call us at (407) 483-4825.