Our First Custom Build Client Re-Visits the Rover Dome her Second Build!

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Tom, our first founder, recounts the story of ECD’s first custom build from some 3 plus odd years ago, Project Pinnacle, quite often to reflect on how much has changed here at ECD. This week, Pinnacle’s original owner, Sloan and husband Todd, visited her latest and second custom ECD D90 build, Project Eclipse and her first word was something like “Wow” and the rest we got from her directly:

Wow, it [ECD] certainly has seen some changes, and I’m so proud to be a person that has seen them firsthand. My first order (customD110) involved doing a little research on whom I should contact.  I talked personally with the owners of several well known companies spanning the country.  No doubt about it, talking to Tom, immediately I knew he was 100% the real deal Rover guy.  Of course he had a love for Land Rover, that was apparent and an obvious requirement, but he grew up around these trucks in England, with his whole family involved in LR.  He has known these trucks in and out his whole life.  He really listened (I knew so little, but have been an ignorant fan of sorts the majority of my life) and it took zero convincing that he was the right fit.  It felt like I was already part of the LR family after the first conversation.  This whole Defender deal, it’s kinda a membership feel to it. He seemed even more excited than myself. Getting a custom build is a huge investment, but being a part of the process and experience, you aren’t just getting the truck, you are part of the entire evolution of your build.  I would honestly say that ECD hasn’t changed where it counts and has changed where it counts.  You still have Tom and Elliot, these awesome English brothers that poke fun at each other and you (the client), cracking jokes, telling stories, but taking shifting gears immediately into serious mode when it comes to the build.  Elliot literally followed me around the near finished build with a note pad taking notes on my tweaks and changes. I have their cell numbers and text them directly at times, so they have always been and continue to be the face of the build and available.  As their business has grown, they have a fantastic Concierge service to handle day to day calls and questions but I always know I can get ahold of them if I need to. They have developed the awesome portal online to follow your build with descriptions and photos; a great keepsake for journaling the story of your truck. Elliot and Tom personally delivered my first truck….haven’t gotten the second yet, but I’m holding them to another visit.

After taking as quick a tour as we can around our now 11,000 plus square foot facility, Sloan finally met with her build and to say she was in awe seems to be a bit of an understatement.

Seeing my dream vehicle go from paper to unveiled reality. So fantastic this truck. Hand picking every little thing is such a fun and exciting process, and then to see it all come together so beautifully, with people that hand built it all there to share your excitement. Dia, one of the Concierge members and Marketing Director, laughed and told them not to finish every little detail prior to my visit because they all knew I would have Elliot taking down changes, mostly upgrades, because I kept wanting to add to it!

Sloan visiting just after Alex Morgan and Servando really topped off our week here at East Coast Defender. Stay tuned to see Project Eclipse as it is fully finished in shop (with all upgrades noted and added), and hand-delivered by ECD’s very own Elliot.

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