Made Man – “East Coast Defender revamped the icon”

Land Rover Defender 90

With the tagline “Gentlemen Welcome”, Made Man is clearly one of the top online destinations geared towards the modern man. With articles highlighting how to best survive everyday situations in the world of men, it came as no surprise that Made Man recently featured our ECD NAS 90 Edition convertible.


It could have something to do with the fact that it matches their green brand colors or it could have been the simple fact that, as Made Man themselves put it, “it’s awesome”. Made Man takes their readers down the journey of the original specially produced North American Specification Land Rover Defender and highlights the custom features ECD implements that evolve the original NAS while also being able to be built in 12-16 weeks.


Read the full article from Made Man here: East Coast Defender Revamped The Icon, and It’s Awesome. Ready to get started on your custom and rare NAS Land Rover Defender 90? Call us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at

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