Benefits of Having a Galvanized Chassis

Land Rover Defender 90


The Land Rover Defender, officially called by the name in 1990, has always been and always will be the ultimate off-road go anywhere do anything vehicle. Originally produced with steel chassis, the Land Rover Defender was built to withstand any hard beatings the chassis might take, whether it be bodies of water, tough terrain, or the ever so common rust. 

That being said, those new to the Defender culture are often trying to figure out what the benefits are of having a galvanized chassis as the frame for your Land Rover Defender. Although the original chassis does lend to the essence of nostalgia and classic beauty, we decided to explain the benefits of having a galvy chassis.

What is a galvanized chassis? A galvanized chassis is an original Land Rover Defender chassis that has been dipped in a molten protective zinc coating that holds off corrosion.

We asked our 25 year Land Rover Defender veteran and Production manager, Glenn, what the benefits of building a Land Rover Defender with a galvanized chassis were:

“Well the chassis won’t rot, since it’s protected it’s not going to rust through and break off. Because they don’t deteriorate as quickly, it gives the life of the vehicle longevity, giving it a longer run. When you build with a galvanized chassis, you get the peace of mind knowing that it’s brand new.” – Glenn

But if you’re a Defender enthusiast who is dedicated to keeping the legend iconic, there are several ways to protect the original chassis from the not so normal wear and tear. Protective paints and even bed liner help to extend the life of the chassis that keep these vehicles doing anything and going anywhere. 

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The Rover Dome Monthly

Land Rover Defender 90

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Here is a bit from the June edition of the Rover Dome Monthly:

Build Challenges: 

PUMA Dashboard into a NAS
This month our lead Electrics Bay technician, Steven, has been hard at work integrating a 2015 PUMA dashboard into this original 1994 NAS 90 Defender, which has proven to be a challenge within the industry.



Projects Update:


We currently have 22 live projects being built in the Rover Dome. 10 rolling chassis awaiting for body installation, 4 builds in our paint facility, The Lab, 5 builds being upgraded in our Drive Thru bay, and 3 going through final electrics and cosmetics.


During this month we have 5 builds that will be going through our 272 point check Quality Control process with our Production Manager, Glenn, to ensure their build quality surpasses his standards before they make their journey home.

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Made Man – “East Coast Defender revamped the icon”

Land Rover Defender 90

With the tagline “Gentlemen Welcome”, Made Man is clearly one of the top online destinations geared towards the modern man. With articles highlighting how to best survive everyday situations in the world of men, it came as no surprise that Made Man recently featured our ECD NAS 90 Edition convertible.


It could have something to do with the fact that it matches their green brand colors or it could have been the simple fact that, as Made Man themselves put it, “it’s awesome”. Made Man takes their readers down the journey of the original specially produced North American Specification Land Rover Defender and highlights the custom features ECD implements that evolve the original NAS while also being able to be built in 12-16 weeks.


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