The Drive Home – From the Rover Dome to across the USA

Land Rover Defender in the US

Here at East Coast Defender we ship builds across the USA quite frequently. We’ve sent builds home to California, Colorado, Philadelphia and many other states across the USA to owners eagerly awaiting to hop into the driver’s seat of their custom Land Rover Defender.

Initially, we set up a complimentary concierge portal system where our clients could log in and see live updates being made to their vehicle, along with photos, accessory options, phase completions, and even a live message board where they can ask questions and get feedback on build ideas.

But one of our founders and self-proclaimed genius, Scott, challenge us to make the delivery experience just as easy and interactive for our clients after their build leaves the Rover Dome to go home. By using our complimentary tracking service through Zubie, our clients have the ability to track their vehicle, see where it’s stopped, and even see the rate of speed at which their vehicle is traveling. So from start to finish, our clients can watch their build all the way until it arrives in their drive way.


At ECD we nurture the creation of every build over a two to seven month period. We understand the excitement & anticipation a new owner has during the the build process. Our industry leading concierge system takes care of the visual build process during the trucks creation at our facility. So we thought, “How can we raise that excitement & anticipation on delivery”? Imagine seeing your truck leaving our facility in Orlando & seeing it get closer & closer via live tracking until it arrives at your door!

It may not quite be up there with the arrival of a new baby but many of our owners tell us it’s pretty close

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