The ECD NAS 90 Edition | Video Tour

Land Rover Defender in the US

Take a tour of our ECD NAS 90 Edition, completely customizable to your tastes and available for order now. The ECD NAS 90 Edition features hand-stitched leather interior, your choice of interior and exterior color, your choice of convertible or hard top style, new LED lighting, an upgraded sound system, air conditioning for hot summer road trips, and a fully rebuilt fuel injected Rover 3.9L V8 engine.

View the ECD NAS 90 Edition

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The Award Winning Project Beast | Video Tour

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

See our award winning Project Beast inside out from its Chevrolet LS3 engine, push button shifter, Momo Sport steering wheel, and Corbeau front race seats. This build has been featured in over six luxury vehicle articles in magazines from Uncrate to Maxim Mag. On a side note, we think Glenn, our Production Manager, had a bit too much fun test-driving for this tour as you can tell by the aggressive way he takes the turns, but with a build like Beast, aggressive is the only way to drive. 

At the last minute, Beast’s owner wanted a fitted storage box for the back of his Defender, for utility purposes we’re sure. Luckily, all of our upholstery and hand-crafted bits are done completely in-house by our upholsterer, Hector. The box was built in the shop, covered in the same marine-grade carpet with a diamond stitched leather face, and a heavy duty handle. The box retracts with the push of a latch and the top lifts with a hydraulic system that makes for quick and easy access.

From its hand-stitched leather interior to its panoramic glass windows, Beast is truly our most bespoke vehicle to date.

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Our First Custom Build Client Re-Visits the Rover Dome her Second Build!

Land Rover Defender for Sale

Tom, our first founder, recounts the story of ECD’s first custom build from some 3 plus odd years ago, Project Pinnacle, quite often to reflect on how much has changed here at ECD. This week, Pinnacle’s original owner, Sloan and husband Todd, visited her latest and second custom ECD D90 build, Project Eclipse and her first word was something like “Wow” and the rest we got from her directly:

Wow, it [ECD] certainly has seen some changes, and I’m so proud to be a person that has seen them firsthand. My first order (customD110) involved doing a little research on whom I should contact.  I talked personally with the owners of several well known companies spanning the country.  No doubt about it, talking to Tom, immediately I knew he was 100% the real deal Rover guy.  Of course he had a love for Land Rover, that was apparent and an obvious requirement, but he grew up around these trucks in England, with his whole family involved in LR.  He has known these trucks in and out his whole life.  He really listened (I knew so little, but have been an ignorant fan of sorts the majority of my life) and it took zero convincing that he was the right fit.  It felt like I was already part of the LR family after the first conversation.  This whole Defender deal, it’s kinda a membership feel to it. He seemed even more excited than myself. Getting a custom build is a huge investment, but being a part of the process and experience, you aren’t just getting the truck, you are part of the entire evolution of your build.  I would honestly say that ECD hasn’t changed where it counts and has changed where it counts.  You still have Tom and Elliot, these awesome English brothers that poke fun at each other and you (the client), cracking jokes, telling stories, but taking shifting gears immediately into serious mode when it comes to the build.  Elliot literally followed me around the near finished build with a note pad taking notes on my tweaks and changes. I have their cell numbers and text them directly at times, so they have always been and continue to be the face of the build and available.  As their business has grown, they have a fantastic Concierge service to handle day to day calls and questions but I always know I can get ahold of them if I need to. They have developed the awesome portal online to follow your build with descriptions and photos; a great keepsake for journaling the story of your truck. Elliot and Tom personally delivered my first truck….haven’t gotten the second yet, but I’m holding them to another visit.

After taking as quick a tour as we can around our now 11,000 plus square foot facility, Sloan finally met with her build and to say she was in awe seems to be a bit of an understatement.

Seeing my dream vehicle go from paper to unveiled reality. So fantastic this truck. Hand picking every little thing is such a fun and exciting process, and then to see it all come together so beautifully, with people that hand built it all there to share your excitement. Dia, one of the Concierge members and Marketing Director, laughed and told them not to finish every little detail prior to my visit because they all knew I would have Elliot taking down changes, mostly upgrades, because I kept wanting to add to it!

Sloan visiting just after Alex Morgan and Servando really topped off our week here at East Coast Defender. Stay tuned to see Project Eclipse as it is fully finished in shop (with all upgrades noted and added), and hand-delivered by ECD’s very own Elliot.

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Alex Morgan, Olympic Gold Medalist, Visits East Coast Defender

Land Rover Defender for Sale

This April, East Coast Defender received a phone call from Alex Morgan, Olympic Gold Medalist and forward for the U.S. women’s national soccer team and Orlando Pride. Alex and Orlando City Soccer player and husband, Servando Carrasco, decided to visit the shop to check out our custom Land Rover Defenders. Mind you our British owners who love a good football game just wanted to watch sport all day, but Alex and Servando had more in mind after their test drive.

With the newest Carrasco, Blue, in tow, the two soccer stars also made the decision to order their very own luxury custom Land Rover Defender from the East Coast Defender team — a D90 hard-top to be exact. The three, along with another soccer friend, stopped by this June to visit their truck while it awaits transformation in the Rover Dome. The build has yet to be named, but East Coast Defender has already nick-named it Project Thirteen, after Alex’s jersey number.

Building a truck for any of our clients is a privilege and why we are all here, building one for a World Cup winner, Olympic gold medalist and star striker for our local team Orlando Pride is pretty special indeed. When Alex and Servando visit the shop there are two topics, trucks and football, this suits us Brits down to the ground. We haven’t yet convinced them to join our 5 a side team however, this is a work in progress…

We are all looking forward to progressing this build and eventually seeing Alex’s ECD truck sat in the players parking downtown at the new Orlando City/Pride stadium – Tom, Founder and Director.

Stay tuned as Alex’s build makes its way through the Rover Dome. Ready to get your own luxury build? Call us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at

ECD’s New Custom Configurator

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

Our new custom configurator allows you to see your one-of-a-kind build from East Coast Defender come to life.

Exterior Color
Completely custom and painted by our in-house paint artisans at The Lab.
Match your drive with industry leading wheels in steel, black, or special edition style.
Go off-road or daily drive with all-terrain tires that pound the pavement during weekend road trips.
Hand-stitched interior in your choice of material and color for ultimate comfort.
Save For Later

Keen on your choices? Save your build for later, share it, or download it, you can even send it to us for a quote.

Benefits of Having a Galvanized Chassis

Land Rover Defender 90


The Land Rover Defender, officially called by the name in 1990, has always been and always will be the ultimate off-road go anywhere do anything vehicle. Originally produced with steel chassis, the Land Rover Defender was built to withstand any hard beatings the chassis might take, whether it be bodies of water, tough terrain, or the ever so common rust. 

That being said, those new to the Defender culture are often trying to figure out what the benefits are of having a galvanized chassis as the frame for your Land Rover Defender. Although the original chassis does lend to the essence of nostalgia and classic beauty, we decided to explain the benefits of having a galvy chassis.

What is a galvanized chassis? A galvanized chassis is an original Land Rover Defender chassis that has been dipped in a molten protective zinc coating that holds off corrosion.

We asked our 25 year Land Rover Defender veteran and Production manager, Glenn, what the benefits of building a Land Rover Defender with a galvanized chassis were:

“Well the chassis won’t rot, since it’s protected it’s not going to rust through and break off. Because they don’t deteriorate as quickly, it gives the life of the vehicle longevity, giving it a longer run. When you build with a galvanized chassis, you get the peace of mind knowing that it’s brand new.” – Glenn

But if you’re a Defender enthusiast who is dedicated to keeping the legend iconic, there are several ways to protect the original chassis from the not so normal wear and tear. Protective paints and even bed liner help to extend the life of the chassis that keep these vehicles doing anything and going anywhere. 

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The Rover Dome Monthly

Land Rover Defender 90

If the content on our social media doesn’t satisfy your Land rover Defender fix, you can always sign up to receive our Rover Dome Monthly newsletter and our East Coast Defender emails featuring our latest builds going out, full build specification, inside the Rover Dome photos, and information about the techs who build our vehicles.

Here is a bit from the June edition of the Rover Dome Monthly:

Build Challenges: 

PUMA Dashboard into a NAS
This month our lead Electrics Bay technician, Steven, has been hard at work integrating a 2015 PUMA dashboard into this original 1994 NAS 90 Defender, which has proven to be a challenge within the industry.



Projects Update:


We currently have 22 live projects being built in the Rover Dome. 10 rolling chassis awaiting for body installation, 4 builds in our paint facility, The Lab, 5 builds being upgraded in our Drive Thru bay, and 3 going through final electrics and cosmetics.


During this month we have 5 builds that will be going through our 272 point check Quality Control process with our Production Manager, Glenn, to ensure their build quality surpasses his standards before they make their journey home.

You can sign up for the Rover Dome Monthly and our other emails here: If you have something you want to see in the Rover Dome, let us know to have it featured in the newsletter.

Made Man – “East Coast Defender revamped the icon”

Land Rover Defender 90

With the tagline “Gentlemen Welcome”, Made Man is clearly one of the top online destinations geared towards the modern man. With articles highlighting how to best survive everyday situations in the world of men, it came as no surprise that Made Man recently featured our ECD NAS 90 Edition convertible.


It could have something to do with the fact that it matches their green brand colors or it could have been the simple fact that, as Made Man themselves put it, “it’s awesome”. Made Man takes their readers down the journey of the original specially produced North American Specification Land Rover Defender and highlights the custom features ECD implements that evolve the original NAS while also being able to be built in 12-16 weeks.


Read the full article from Made Man here: East Coast Defender Revamped The Icon, and It’s Awesome. Ready to get started on your custom and rare NAS Land Rover Defender 90? Call us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at

The Ultimate Summer off-Road Vehicle

Land Rover Defender in the US

We’ve introduced our new line of ECD NAS 90 Edition and these rare NAS Edition vehicles have a build time of only 12-16 weeks, making them the perfect summer 4x4s.

Ready for weekend road trips and daily drives, the ECD NAS 90 Edition offers the ultimate experience for off-roading in a convertible. With the option to add touch screen navigation, the adventures are truly endless. We asked a few of our techs if they were riding out in a NAS 90 what their first summer trip would be:

“I’m glad it’s summer now because I love to spend all of my free time going fishing. I’m from the Virgin Islands so I’ve been fishing since I was about 6. I just got my boat, so I could totally see myself towing it to the Sebastian Inlet with the convertible NAS 90, sounds like the perfect fishing trip.” – Jordan, master welder and Fab Up Technician

“To be honest the only time I like being outdoors is to have summer barbecues with my family, my son was born a few months ago so being at home with family is important to me right now. But when he gets old enough, I’m hoping to do the whole building a soap box car and make shift pallet furniture thing, building anything in general is something I want to show him, especially since we build such awesome Defenders, that’d be cool.” – Nick, Tear Down Bay Technician

Some other summer activities including the Orlando Speed World Drag Way, Lego Land, the many beaches that surround us here in Florida, and maybe an off-road camping trip if it’s not too hot.

“I really love to golf, it’s so bad it’s to the point where I get excited if I see a golf course. Compared to back home, being in the sun and being able to golf is just awesome.” – Glenn, Land Rover Veteran and Production Manager

Ready to get your custom convertible NAS 90 built and summer ready? Get started by calling us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at