The Before: A glimpse at the beginnings of an East Coast Defender

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

How did you get this Land Rover Defender?

Here’s the backstory for this particular Defender, which enhances the entire journey of this build. Our founder Tom, who buys all of our vehicles with consult from our other founder Elliot, had recruited the senior Mr. Humble, who happens to be their dear dad, to inspect and evaluate a Defender to be rebuilt for our client. The senior Mr. Humble packed up his gear and knowledge and headed out to a field in Yorkshire, greeted by the bright blue D90. However, upon arrival, the senior Mr. Humble quickly realized that this would be no ordinary vehicle purchase as rain thrashed about him and mud pooled on the ground. Getting this Defender became more of a rescue mission as the senior Mr. Humble struggled to scrape mud off of the chassis to verify the VIN. After making sure all things were in order, the senior Mr. Humble humbly drove the Defender out of the muddy pit of a field, this part of the journey proving to be the easiest with it being a Defender and all. After making it through the delivery portion of its journey, the D90 finally arrived at the Rover Dome, only to be torn down to bits.

Why do a full tear down?

When we deconstruct a Defender fully, down to every last nut and bolt, we can see what mistakes were make before hand, it gives us a bit of confidence knowing we have the knowledge and experience to enhance every aspect of the vehicle. The quality transforms and it restores the story of the build, it literally becomes something else while preserving its heritage of being a Defender. Tearing down the Defender fully and seeing that transformation is one of the best parts of building custom Land Rover Defenders. This Land Rover Defender D90 had been fully deconstructed in our tear down bay and watching that process never gets old.

What’s next for this build?

We’ve had a stream of D90’s, all with LS3 engine upgrades, and we are excited to be installing an LS3 in this D90 as well and with a PUMA dashboard to compliment it. You’ll have to stay tuned for the transformation it makes as it goes through our build process, we’ll try to get the senior Mr. Humble in for an after photo.

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