Your Custom Land Rover Defender’s Build Quality Guaranteed

Land Rover Defender 90

Here’s a checklist from the East Coast Defender team that details how we ensure your custom hand-built Land Rover Defender is of the best quality for your adventures here in the USA.

1. Import Solution

What about importing?

East Coast Defender makes getting your custom Defender easy. We ensure and guarantee your vehicle is imported correctly and all work is carried out in the correct fashion. In all reality your custom Defender is probably already at our shop as we have a continuous flow of base vehicles we import and allocate to projects.

2. Build Process 

Where is my vehicle built?

Your custom Land Rover Defender is built 100% in-house at our Florida facility, which we have named the Rover Dome.

What is your build process?

Our builds follow an 9 stage process through our line overseen by our 25-year Land Rover veteran technician and all aspects of your Defender are built and completed right here in the USA by East Coast Defender. Before traveling to the next bay, each bay lead inspects the work done by the previous bay, once signed off, your build enters the next step in its journey. Here is the journey your build takes through the Rover Dome:

        1. Tear down    
          • Initial inspection of vehicle.
          • Your Defender goes through a full body removal, each part inspected and replaced as necessary. You are left with a chassis on the floor.
          • All aspects of the vehicle are removed from the chassis.
          • Your Defender’s frame is then sand-blasted, any necessary repairs made and finally powder coated in your choice of color.
          • Axles and control arms are removed, sand blasted and powder coated.
        2. Fab Up
          • Inspection of chassis and axles and sign off.
          • Axles are rebuilt and re-installed.
          • All suspension and related components are replaced with new.
          • All new fuel and brake lines are installed.
          • New disc brakes installed.
        3. Paint
          • Inspection of body and sign off.
          • Your Defender’s body is separated into its components and then dustless blasted.
          • The body is prepped and epoxy primed.
          • Any necessary body repair is made.
          • Your Defender is then primed again and goes through a final prep and sanding.
          • Your Defender is painted with a sealer coat, a base coat in your color choice, clear coated, and then color wet-sanded for a smooth finish.
          • Final perfection inspection is performed.
        4. Drive Train
          • Inspection of work from previous bay and sign off.
          • Your new or rebuilt engine is fitted into your Defender.
          • The transmission is fully rebuilt or upgraded.
          • The transfer case is replaced with a new rebuilt one.
          • The drive shafts are measured, upgraded and fitted.
          • Everything is checked that it has been installed and rebuilt to the standards of Land Rover’s specifications.
        5. Body Assembly
          • Painted body is assembled onto rebuilt chassis
        6. Electronics 
          • Inspection of drive train and sign off.
          • The drive train is wired with custom engine harness.
          • Body harness for windows, gauges, air conditioning, locks, lights, horn, windshield wipers, etc. is installed.
          • Entertainment package and speakers are wired.
          • All harnesses are tested in a mid-electrical check.
          • The dashboard and other hardware components are installed and rechecked
        7. Upholstery
          • Your Defender is Lizard skin lined (Heat insulation), Fat mat lined (Sound Insulation) and fully marine grade carpeted throughout.
          • Headliners, door cards, the console box, seats, and the dashboard are all hand-stitched in your selected colors, styles and stitching and are custom fitted for your vehicle before being installed.
        8. Cosmetics
          • Inspection of upholstery and sign off.
          • Front end accessories and hardware such as front grill, headlights, and fenders are assembled and installed.
          • Windows are installed, if applicable sunroof is replaced with new and installed.
          • Custom headliner is installed.
          • Seats are installed.
          • Doors are assembled with door cards, hinges, and other components and installed.
          • Door seals are fitted followed by a door check.
          • Spare tire carrier is installed.
          • All external accessories are installed and fitted.
        9. Quality Check
          • See next section.

3. Quality Check

What is your quality control process?

Our Quality Check’s are all completed by our 25-year Land Rover Defender veteran and Production Manager, Glenn. He follows a dedicated process that starts with starting the Defender, tuning the engine, checking all oil levels, the suspension, and tires. He then performs a bumper to bumper check which includes a 70-point inspection (see this inspection here). After Glenn approves the initial bumper to bumper, he test-drives your Defender for 500 miles before performing the 70-point check again. After the second 70-point inspection and any noted adjustments, Glenn drives your Defender for another 500 miles. As a final part of our inspection process to ensure our build quality, we have an external third-party inspector come in to appraise and inspect your Defender with a 200-point inspection (see a sample of this inspection list here). You will receive a copy of this external inspection.

4. 100% Communication

Who will be my form of contact?

You begin your journey with our Founder and Sales Director, Tom. If you prefer you can either visit the shop and meet with Tom to design your Defender one-on-one or we ship Tom out to you to discuss details of your build. After these details are finalized, our Concierge acts as an immediate responder, answering your questions and supplying you with requested photos. Finally, our Project Manager and second founder, Elliot, personally delivers your vehicle to you to answer any final questions and provide expertise on your new custom Land Rover Defender.

How do I submit questions or concerns?

Our Concierge service will answer any questions or concerns you have about your vehicle within 2-hours of you contacting us, although this time period may vary depending on time-zone. If you have portal access, simply submit your question or concern on your portal, and our concierge will respond on that platform.

Can I visit the facility at any time?

Of course! We have an open door policy at the Rover Dome, although we are only open from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM on weekdays and we are available by appointment from 9 AM – 12 PM on Saturdays.

What about shipping?

Your custom Defender is shipped directly from East Coast Defender to your desired location ready to be driven as you designed it. Shipping arrangements are established between you and our owner, Tom.

5. 100% Transparency

Do I have to wire money overseas?

You will never have to wire money overseas. We are based here in the USA and bank with Wells Fargo. We have a variety of payment options that Tom will discuss with you.

Will I see photos of my Defender?

Of course! As your Defender makes notable changes, we love to send photos that allow you to visually see the progress of your Defender being built.

What happens if my Defender needs servicing?

A Land Rover Defender is a classic vehicle; minor servicing can be expected as a part of your regular maintenance. If the services you need fall outside of regular maintenance, please refer to our service and maintenance policy and warranty here.

What happens if I change my mind on something?

Changing your mind happens. Our Concierge makes it easy for you to call or email about any changes you think you want to make, we will send samples and advise you on what will best meet your needs. If parts or services have already been applied to the vehicle, additional costs may occur.

6. Warranty Details

What are the warranty details for my Defender?

Please select the following to see all warranty information regarding your custom Land Rover Defender.

Have more questions or want to get started on your custom Land Rover Defender? Call us at (407) 483-4825 or email us at