ECD USA 110 Edition

With years of build experience and discovering what our clients are looking for, we found ourselves in a round table wanting to be the first to develop a Land Rover Defender that surpassed the expectations of a daily driving vehicle while also having a market worthy price of under $100k.

Today’s creature comforts in most modern SUVs feature upgrades like all too necessary air conditioning, the convenient automatic transmission, a premium entertainment system, and remote locking. With the experience of building an average of 30 vehicles a year, we developed the ECD USA 110 Edition which includes all of these upgrades, while still giving our clients the ability to customize their vehicle, making it the perfect daily driver.

“The ECD USA Edition is the perfect vehicle for anyone wanting an entry into the Defender lifestyle, but not wanting to give up the creature comforts we are all used to in our modern vehicles – they’re comfortable, reliable, multi-functional, and unique to the owner’s tastes. Modern on the inside, rugged on the outside. Being a fully rebuilt, luxurious Land Rover Defender means that the new owner is buying into a great asset and a valuable part of history.” – Tom, Director and Owner of ECD.

The ECD USA 110 Edition also features a 3.9L V8 to pair with its automatic transmission and 16″ Sawtooth Black wheels. Check out the full list of included features for the ECD USA 110 Edition along with pricing on our website here or get in touch to start customizing your ECD USA 110 Edition at or +1 (407) 483-4825.