ECD’s Project Beast featured in Luxury Travel Magazine

Luxury Travel Magazine offers the best up in terms of advice for luxury hotels, destinations, villas, cruises and more. They’ve featured destinations such as the Alpenplace Deluxe Hotel, Costa Rica, and the French Riviera.

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Among their luxury features was East Coast Defender’s very own award winning Project Beast. Beast, a land Rover Defender 110, truly remained one of ECD’s most unique builds to date, not only being completely custom but having a vast arrangement of upgrades and modernization. With hand-stitched leather interior and hand-built custom parts, Beast will certainly become a challenge for the ECD team to top in builds to come, a challenge our petrol-head owners are already looking to surpass. 


Read the full feature from Luxury travel Magazine here for all of Beast’s one of a kind features. Want to challenge ECD with your custom dream Land Rover Defender? Get in touch by emailing us at or give us a ring at 407-483-4825

Chevrolet LS3 Engine with Tarox Brakes

ECD recently released its highest spec Defender to date, Project Beast, a Land Rover Defender 110 with a Chevrolet LS3 engine and satin Corris Grey paint. Never being satisfied, the East Coast Defender team challenged Beast’s system even further by enhancing its braking system and suspension to handle the power of the LS3.

From the discussion table to Beast’s axels, Beast’s new braking system, the Tarox Sport Braking Kit, is hand assembled and is made up of the highest quality billet alloy. The Tarox braking kit offers a huge amount of extra stopping power but can also reduce un-sprung weight and offer better pedal feel and modulation. The two piece discs feature heat treated billet steel rotors and separate alloy bells which results in an incredibly strong component with the lowest possible overall weight.

Custom made and fine tuned, the Tarox brake kit maximizes not only braking performance but Beast’s overall performance on the road and through tough terrain. With the Tarox 8 POT kit in the front and the Tarox 6 POT kit in the rear, the braking system is one aspect of Beast that makes it a truly bespoke vehicle.

“When you have as much power in a Land Rover Defender 110 as Beast, it really comes down to needing brakes that are not only massive and powerful, they also need to be top of the line in quality, and the Tarox kit exceeds that.” – Fab Up Bay technician, Jordan.

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HiConsumption features East Coast Defender’s Project Spectre

HiConsumption is a lifestyle magazine covering the latest trends in design, architecture, gadgets, vehicles and much more. HiConsumption features gear that is innovative, premium, and rare which is why we weren’t surprised they decided to write an article on our Project Spectre.

Project Spectre is a one-of-a-kind land Rover Defender D130 that sits at 17′ long and topping almost 8′ tall with its roofrack. With features like Corbeau front racing seats, dual amps under the back seats, a one off RPI Performance engine, and custom spare wheel carrier, Project Spectre is still one of our more unqiue builds to date. Check out the full feature from HiConsumption here.

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ECD USA 110 Edition

With years of build experience and discovering what our clients are looking for, we found ourselves in a round table wanting to be the first to develop a Land Rover Defender that surpassed the expectations of a daily driving vehicle while also having a market worthy price of under $100k.

Today’s creature comforts in most modern SUVs feature upgrades like all too necessary air conditioning, the convenient automatic transmission, a premium entertainment system, and remote locking. With the experience of building an average of 30 vehicles a year, we developed the ECD USA 110 Edition which includes all of these upgrades, while still giving our clients the ability to customize their vehicle, making it the perfect daily driver.

“The ECD USA Edition is the perfect vehicle for anyone wanting an entry into the Defender lifestyle, but not wanting to give up the creature comforts we are all used to in our modern vehicles – they’re comfortable, reliable, multi-functional, and unique to the owner’s tastes. Modern on the inside, rugged on the outside. Being a fully rebuilt, luxurious Land Rover Defender means that the new owner is buying into a great asset and a valuable part of history.” – Tom, Director and Owner of ECD.

The ECD USA 110 Edition also features a 3.9L V8 to pair with its automatic transmission and 16″ Sawtooth Black wheels. Check out the full list of included features for the ECD USA 110 Edition along with pricing on our website here or get in touch to start customizing your ECD USA 110 Edition at or +1 (407) 483-4825.

The Chevy LS3 and The Land Rover Defender

Every now and again the Automotive industry presents a challenge to all the greatest classic vehicles of all time, and the Chevrolet LS3 Performance engine being placed into a classic Land Rover Defender seems to be one of the most highly desired from Land Rover enthusiasts. A 1990s era Land Rover Defender topped speeds at maybe about 60 mph max, taking a full 30 seconds to get there. Being a large bodied off-road vehicle simply meant the Land Rover Defender needed to be able to handle the challenge of tough terrain, but the Chevy LS3 engine has enthusiasts seeking speed in the Land Rover Defender as well.

East Coast Defender, after winning the 2016 Festivals of Speed People’s Choice Award, recently took our Project Beast out to test what the LS3 in a Land Rover Defender D110 could really do, and the results were more than just impressive. Over-taking the speed of its original 1985 counterpart, ECD’s Beast topped that same 60 mph but in 7 seconds easily, and demanded we push it to over 100 mph. With that high of a speed and the amount of torque, Project Beast required that East Coast Defender upgraded everything else in the vehicle to match the power of the LS3.

Since the LS3 isn’t originally built for a Defender, ECD had to custom fit it for the project, a possibly difficult task without the vast Land Rover knowledge of ECD’s newest Production Manager, Glenn, who has 25 years of Land Rover Defender experience. Next came Project Beast’s other upgrades, like its Ashcroft drive shafts and axles with limited slip differentials. To ensure Beast could reach its max speed while also being able to stop effectively, and most importantly safely, ECD upgraded the braking system to 8 Pot front braking and 6 Pot rear braking with an upgraded all Terrafirma Suspension.

“It’s a relatively small aluminium engine, there’s so much power in such a small package,” ECD Owner and Project Manager Elliot states, “Probably one of the best things about the LS3 is it has tried and tested reliability to compliment the high expectation of standards. The LS3 has a 50,000 mile/2-year warranty and the transmission a 100,000 mile/2-year warranty, also it’s serviceable everywhere in the USA.”

With 10 LS3 Land Rover Defender’s in the works of being built in our Florida facility and primarily shipping to clients in the USA, the LS3 made it an easy decision for East Coast Defender to offer it as a drive-train upgrade. Well that and the fact that we love to modernize Defenders with complete premium upgrades. Not only have we ensured that our builds are easily serviceable, we’ve also added features like the automatic transmission push button shifter to make the Land Rover Defender the ultimate USA SUV.

“Always trying to out-do ourselves I think going forward we’ll upgrade to air suspension so clients have the option to change to 3 different heights for extra clearance, off-roading, and every day traveling. It just gets the blood flowing and sets a completely different tone for the Land Rover Defender.” – Production Manager and 25-year Land Rover veteran, Glenn.

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East Coast Defender featured on Gearminded

Gearminded features gear that turns irresistible outdoor adventures into long lasting memories. The online magazine has featured trips to the Galapagos, the world’s top wind surfers, and several adrenaline pumping Red Bull campaigns. Among their most recent features is East Coast Defender, discussing our strive towards perfection and our latest NAS Land Rover Defender, Project Avalanche. Read the full article here: and visit for more adventure gear advice and news.

Project Beast Wins People’s Choice Award

Land Rover Defender for sale USA

2016 People’s Choice Award
The Festivals of Speed held there 12th Annual St. Petersburg car show festival Sunday with attendance topping just over 20,000 people and 500 vehicle entries. The event hosted various luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, and Aston Martin as well as other custom vintage vehicles. 

The Festivals of Speed People’s Choice Award is chosen based on style, design, and the overall look and feel of the vehicle and the entry with the majority of the judges’ votes is the winner. 

East Coast Defender is proud to have produced the 2016 People’s Choice vehicle, Beast, and by expanding our facility to well over 11,000 sq ft, inviting a 25 year Land Rover Defender veteran to our team, and dedicating ourselves to perfecting our process, our aim has always been to produce the highest quality Land Rover Defenders in the world.

Beast’s Spec
– Corris Grey satin paint
– A/C
– Galvanized Chassis
– Re-trimmed Puma Dash
– Corbeau front racing seats
– Exmoor Trim Diamond XS Elite seats
– ARB front bumper with winch
– Full LED 
– Full KBX package
– LS3 Corvette Engine
– Hand built Magna Flow exhaust
– Custom built AlliSport alloy radiator
– Nitto Grappler MT tires
– Kahn Special Edition Black wheels
– Premium sound package
– Full external roll cage
– Old Man Emu suspension/lift kit
– Momo sport steering wheel