Land Rover Calls It the End, East Coast Calls It the Beginning

Land Rover Defender 90

This year has been monumental for the legacy of the Defender. From the end of its production in 2015 to its iconic role in the film Spectre, the Land Rover Defender has shared its heritage across the world and flourished in the market of rare off-road vehicles. In the United States, the Defender is still an uncommonly seen vehicle, limited by availability and the need for modern upgrades. Taking on the challenge, East Coast Defender has provided the service of bringing the iconic Defender to consumers in an entirely new way and the end of this year yields impressive results.

In 2015, East Coast Defender has sent 23 builds and several upgraded Defenders to new homes across the U.S., expanding the term “luxury vehicle” to “all-terrain multi-functional luxury vehicle”. East Coast Defender compels each client to use more than just their lifestyle to influence their build, suggesting a limitless imagination lead the scope of design.
“We are always searching our past work and process for ways to improve ourselves as we progress. We are always striving for perfection, so we’ve already started planning and looking at East Coast Defender well into the future.” – Head of Creative, Dia.

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