Land Rover Defender 130

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale


Project Spectre is our first Defender that we’ve built without having an order for it. It also happens to be our first Land Rover Defender 130. Risk is something we are big on as a company, so when we saw the opportunity, we had to take it.

“Project Spectre was inspired by our need for self-improvement, we are very critical of ourselves, we need challenge. We took a huge risk building Spectre because that’s who we are and we were too comfortable, we needed to push into areas that we never stretched ourselves into before. When we finished Spectre it wasn’t a relief, it was more of a ‘That’s a beautiful truck, now how do we conquer the next challenge, how do we make it better’. My favorite aspect of Spectre is the aggressiveness of it, how we’ve managed to blend a British icon into an American truck’s feel, and its engine – its engine, the sound is phenomenal. Spectre’s personality is very Special Ops meets Terminator”

  • Scott

Land Rover Tear Down

Land Rover Defender 90 for sale

“Tearing down a chassis is something that takes time, practice, and process. It means we have to repair and replace parts, even repainting, but it also means that we are giving our builds the most quality foundation.”


It’s a general assumption that when we build our Defenders, they are simply refurbished, repainted, retouched. The fact is that we take the time and effort to tear our builds down to the original Land Rover chassis and once the build is fully deconstructed, that’s where the fun begins. In this video, you can see our tech, Derek, do a full tear down to the foundation of the build.